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How to “Lock It In” To Maximize Your Learning

You can learn how to improve your marketing and sales, get awesome results from your team, achieve great results in your business and your financials, but if you don’t SYSTEMIZE THE THINGS YOU LEARN, your awesome results won’t last. Let’s talk about how you can “Lock It In” so that you get the very best…

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The One Question to Eliminate Advertising Expenses…Forever!

Tony Robbins asked us a VERY POWERFUL question during one of his Business Mastery classes in Amsterdam. He asked, “what would you do differently in your business if the only way you could get new clients was through referrals?” BOOM! What a question! What an amazing business that would be…. no advertising costs….. solely built on…

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4 Morning Rituals to Help You Succeed

My morning routine is pretty simple, and it only takes about 15 minutes. As an entrepreneur, and entrepreneur coach, I’ve seen firsthand the power of morning routines. If I don’t do it (this is VERY RARE), I end up having a much tougher day, and a hard time staying positive, energized and upbeat. I also…

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Leadership Rules To Remember: Part 3 of 3

Leadership - Hot Air Balloon

If you missed part 1 or part 2 of this series, check them out here: Leadership Rules To Remember: Part 1 of 3 Leadership Rules To Remember: Part 2 of 3 1. Lead the change, and be EXCITED about it In a world that’s constantly changing, the best way to lead your team through change…

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Leadership Rules To Remember: Part 2 of 3

Here is part 2 of Leadership Rules to Remember! If you missed part 1, click the link below to get caught up! These lessons were learned by yours truly, over an 18-year leadership career, in which I was WAY LESS THAN PERFECT! So don’t feel bad if you feel like you have a lot to…

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Your Most AMAZING Marketing Plan Ever: Part 3 of 3

Let’s finish that AMAZING marketing plan you have been working on for the past two weeks, and start getting you more money, and fewer headaches! 1. The offer & pricing strategy This one is really tough for a lot of businesses, and really poorly done because of that. BUT, when you get it right, IT’S…

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Your Best, Most Amazing Marketing Plan: Part 2 of 3

Business Marketing Plan

This week we’re going to talk about the next few sections in your best, most effective, incredible marketing plan ever! 1. Calculations: ROI, CPC, CPL and Conversion % If math makes you want to cry, don’t worry, you’re not alone, and this math is SIMPLE and SO REWARDING! First, we are going to use your…

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Creating an Effective Marketing Plan: Part 1 of 3

Creating a business plan

Let’s make you an effective marketing plan, so you can spend LESS money, and get MORE sales. The following are, based on my experience with all different types of businesses, the most important and effective pieces of a business’ marketing plan. If you find yourself wanting to skip a section because it’s a lot of…

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