Get Happy and Feel Good

Stop doing it all backwards! GET HAPPY and FEEL GOOD, then the results will follow!

Do you ever feel like you’ve been working so hard, for so long, and not getting the results, money, freedom, or happiness you’ve been doing it all for?! I used to feel that way too! I thought working my ass off 24/7 was the way to achieve all of my dreams and goals. But it’s not. There is a REAL ceiling on that way of working! The most successful people in the world are doing something VERY differently; they are GETTING HAPPY and FEELING GOOD and THEN working. That creates amazing results, in much less time, AND gets you through that ceiling!

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 There are SO many benefits to this new way of being: health, wealth, success, achievement of all of your goals, amazing (and I mean happy tears amazing) relationships, and so much more. It’s all waiting for you on the other side of this wake-up call! I’m so excited for you!

  • If you’re not happy to get out of bed in the morning and go to your business, or whatever you have planned for the day – you’re doing it wrong. 
  • If you’re trudging around, stressed out, complaining, and worrying all the time – you’re doing it wrong. 
  • If you’re gossiping, getting into conflicts, or just generally feeling any sort of bad – you’re doing it wrong!

So what’s the secret? How do we get happy and feel good, and then easily (it almost seems like magic, I swear) achieve everything we’ve always wanted? There are three main ways to achieve this lifestyle and to have literally everything you’ve ever wanted. Trust me. I’ve done it. I’ve got everything I’ve ever wanted and more because after we get what we want we discover that we want more things! It’s a pretty fun way to live actually.

1. The first step to getting happy and feeling good is to incorporate a powerful (it doesn’t have to take much time!) morning routine:

  • you should meditate
  • visualize your goals as already achieved (including being the type of person and leader you want to be)
  • move your body 
  • give yourself positive affirmations/self-talk

Those four things are REQUIRED if you want this life. Trust me, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and change your life TOMORROW!! There are SO MANY STUDIES proving that these four concepts work; if you’re one of those people who needs that, google away! You’ll find all the proof you’re looking for! Forbes agrees and in this article shares how structure to start your day increases productivity!

2. The second step you must take to be happy and feel good is to review your calendar, and take out the trash! Fill your calendar ONLY with your most valuable activities and things you LOVE TO DO!

I know you’re using your calendar because if you’ve followed me for any length of time you’ve heard me HIGHLY recommend it a thousand times. That’s because it works! If you want to dramatically increase your profits, improve your business and relationships, and have all the money and other things you’ve been dreaming about – you have to make sure your calendar makes you HAPPY when you look at it. 

If you’re getting up in the morning, looking at your calendar, and thinking “ugh, I hate my life, I can’t wait until vacation,” YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!!!!! 

Get happy and feel good by making your calendar work for you! How? Audit your calendar with the members of your team who can help you (my team does my calendar so they have to be there.) Come up with a calendar that includes your most profitable, valuable, and LOVED activities! Come up with a calendar that works that way for your whole team as much as possible! 

Sometimes you’ll have to delegate things they won’t love, BUT IF YOU OR YOUR TEAM DOESN’T LOVE SOMETHING, AND YOU CAN’T CHANGE IT – CHANGE THE PARADIGM!!!! For example, “ugh I have to record a video before I go home” should become (authentically, it’s the only way it works) “I am going to record a video that will change peoples’ lives. This is exactly my mission in life. And I know the more people I help, the more money flows to me, and the more I can help the kids our business charity supports!” Now it feels exciting!

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3. The third, and most important piece of this new way of being, and ACHIEVING EVERYTHING YOU’VE EVER WANTED is to be more SELF-AWARE and control your thoughts! 

You need to CHANGE how you feel if you’re EVER feeling bad. You can only do this by asking yourself “ok I’m feeling bad, what am I thinking about that’s making me feel bad?” and then, “is this helping me in any way to move towards happiness, success, and joyful relationships?” It’s not. So stop it. Then start thinking about something GOOD. When you think of something GOOD, the bad thought gets kicked out of your mind, because you can only think of one thing at a time. And remember, you also have the amazing power to be able to change your paradigm about something. 99% of people are living a horribly unhappy life because they’re not controlling their thoughts! If you want to hear even more about this topic, read my blog on shifting your mindset here

Thoughts = feelings. 

Good feelings = success. 

Bad feelings = a life of struggle. 

So, controlling your thoughts is the key to everything! 

Now I’m not talking about being a pollyanna and pretending everything is fine when it’s not. Venting or sharing your frustration to solve a problem is required sometimes. BUT, it’s only required ONCE! It’s not a requirement to repeat it, tell everyone you know about it, leave a bad google review about it, create a support group about it or anything else! That kind of stuff WILL NOT HELP YOU HAVE A HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL LIFE! If you need to vent/talk about a problem because it’s required to fix it, do it as succinctly as possible, in under 60 seconds whenever possible, then MOVE ON TO THE SOLUTIONS, get happy, and feel good!!! 

Once you have achieved this state of feeling good most of the time you will start to notice that implementing the tools we’ve given you will become SO MUCH EASIER AND MORE SUCCESSFUL IN LESS TIME! For example, your:

  1. Financial plan
  2. Marketing plan
  3. People plan
  4. Strategic planning
  5. Monthly analyses
  6. Coaching meetings with teammates

So stop doing it backwards! Stop working SO HARD for SO LITTLE RESULTS! Implement the steps above, and THEN work on your business. You’ll get so much more done, in a fraction of the time and it will be done BETTER!

If you don’t have a morning, routine like the one I recommended above, your calendar isn’t full of things you love to do, and you’re not aware of and controlling your thoughts to feel good most of the time  – you need to implement these things today!! THIS WILL ABSOLUTELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!

I am SO excited to hear about your amazing results. And trust me, this is just the beginning. I have so much more to teach you about being happy and successful. Start with this. You’ll be hooked! Let’s go get those goals and dreams!!! You deserve everything you’ve ever wanted!!!!



Business can be better™ and it should be!

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