Use this hiring process to avoid costly mistakes and hire the BEST team!

Are you looking to hire? Are you feeling fatigued from hiring mistakes? Have your hiring mistakes cost you too much money? Well, there is great news, WE CAN HELP you hire effectively and avoid some of those costly mistakes!! If you are looking to hire and find the PERFECT fit for your team, you need to follow this hiring process!!

hiring successfully


I know, I know,  you’ve heard it before, but I can’t stress enough, DO NOT RUSH HIRING SOMEONE! You will regret it and it may cost you money or worse, may cause friction and tension on your team! The right person is out there and you WILL find them! Start by making an internal procedure which you will follow EVERY TIME you go to hire. Here’s ours:

  1. Create a job description and job posting for the open position. If you want to read more about the importance of job descriptions, read one of my recent blogs here. Include the following: 
    • Duties
    • Qualifications
    • Who they report to
    • KPI’s
    • Pay scale 
  2. Post the job description on social media, online job search engines and share with strategic alliances, friends, family and your entire network. The next best candidate is already known by one of your acquaintances!!!! 
  3. Review candidates, DO ONLINE RESEARCH, and decide who to interview. For more information about online research, take a read through this article from Forbes. 
  4. Contact several references and push for TRUE answers, ensuring you ask “what could they have  done better?” and “how did they handle feedback?”
  5. Bring in for a follow-up interview AND working interview.
    • Have candidates complete job-related tasks in interview
    • Ensure proficiency in Google docs, word/excel, typing speed/accuracy, grammar & spelling. 


Here is our step-by-step hiring process. Your key to making great hiring decisions and finding great candidates which lead to AMAZING hires! Slow down, be positive, and follow our hiring process to make the most effective hiring decisions!

  1. Identify the hiring need and how it aligns with the company’s goals and business plan. What is the position are you hiring for? Do you have a job description for the job? If not, this would be a good time to create one so you can set clear expectations of what you are looking for in the individual. 
  2. Post the job ad and ask your current team to reach out to their networks and use social media to reach out and contact people who could be possible candidates or know other possible candidates. *Often times people in your network can be the best employees.
  3. Review resumes – for the specific role (ie. typing skills may not be required).
  4. Call or email people with the required education, skills, experience, and certification to set up a time to talk on the phone. Ask six very important questions. Additionally, go over your culture statements and ask how they relate to them. Finally, ask for references if there were none provided on their resume. Require they give you a reference from their last job. After you call, take some time to process, review, and rate the candidate on their professionalism and kindness. Here are your six very important questions:
    • Are you planning to live here long-term?
    • What is your outlook on life? Ask them to complete the phrase, “Life is…..?”
    • What date could you start if hired and what is your expected wage?
    • Why should we hire you?
    • What hours are you available to work if hired? What is your availability?
    • What is your disagreement style? What did your last disagreement look like?
  5. Do a social media and Google check to see if there is anything that doesn’t fit in with your culture statements (do not do this  until after initial call with candidates at least, to eliminate any biases).
  6. Schedule interviews (or a group interview) with the people who seemed like a good cultural fit, were professional and positive on the phone, and who provided you answers to your phone interview that would meet your needs. When you’re describing the job description and KPIs for the candidate, make sure you explain the best AND the worst parts of the job. If possible conduct the interview with another staff member from the management team to have a second opinion. 
  7. Call several references. Push for honest answers, explain that it’s really important for both you and the candidate to be the right fit. Here’s how: 
    • Have the resume in front of you.
    • Make sure you know when and where they worked for the reference.
    • Take ten minutes for the reference check
    • Ask:
      • What was great about the person?
      • Ask if they would re-hire the person, and why or why not (for this role).
      • Ask about strengths and weaknesses.
      • Describe the person in three words/characteristics.
      • Ask them about their “disagreement” style. Please give an example to be sure.
      • Talk about your company, culture, and the role and ask how the candidate would fit within your culture.
      • If you were in my position would you definitely hire them?
      • Ask about the number of days missed per year (do not say “sick days”).
  8. Assess each applicant for the position. Be sure to have the job description in front of you and see what individual meets all the requirements for the position. While evaluating the candidates keep in mind the Culture Statements of the company and which candidate would fit based on the Company’s Culture. The hiring staff should also select a backup candidate in case the top choice declines the offer or negotiations fail to produce a signed offer letter.
  9. Invite the candidate and their spouse out for a meal with you and your spouse or other manager/co-owner, etc. This is a great way to get to know their real personality by seeing them with their spouse and seeing them interact with other people. 
  10. Schedule a working interview. Make a decision regarding their ability to do or learn the job, as well as how well they fit culture-statement-wise, as well as WHO THEY ARE. This is also an opportunity for the candidate to meet the team, and the team to ask any questions they would like to ask.
  11. Have the team give approval (people support what they help to create!) Task them with making the new person successful! Get their feedback and incorporate it into your decision regarding hiring. Your team’s buy in is SO important to the success of this new hire and retention! Get your team to say “Yes!”
  12. Once the candidate is chosen send an offer letter: be very clear about pay, schedule, policies, procedures. Set a 30 day review date in the calendar, and be very clear what needs to be achieved by then. Assign a very clear job description & KPIs. Sign the offer letter together! 

hiring successfully

If you are hiring, you need to be following this hiring process. You can do it! Stay positive. The right candidate is often known by one of your team members or someone you have in your circle!

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