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TMH Business Coaching & Consulting Pillars

Inspiring & Compelling Leadership

Your business is a reflection of your leadership. With our business leadership coaching techniques, we can help you bring your team to the next level.

Your team needs an incredible role model, strong direction on priorities, inspiration and motivation, clear job descriptions and key performance indicators, effective tracking and feedback, a solution-focused approach, the ability to identify and move the levers that improve your business, and so much more. Emotional intelligence, a strong ability to communicate clearly, and the capacity to lead your team successfully through the constant changes all businesses experience are imperative. In short, you must work on YOU and your leadership team, in order to improve your business.

The second huge piece of leadership is systemizing your business to run without you. Clear processes, procedures, policies, and expectations are essential for every team member. You want to be able to have your business run with or without you, so you can have more freedom. This also makes it more saleable and valuable if you decide to sell in the future, as an exit strategy.

Effective Sales & Marketing

Our clients are able to simultaneously spend LESS on advertising and marketing, AND INCREASE sales and profit after using our business coaching and consulting services. We help them do this by examining and improving the several different and unique stages of lead creation, nurturing, conversion and sales in their business. Many of our clients spend very little to ZERO money on marketing and have more leads than they can handle coming in every month. Our definition of marketing is to authentically communicate who you are, what you do, the way you do it, and for who. In order to do that, you need to clearly define several key components of your business, using our comprehensive marketing plan. We also teach a unique sales philosophy that does not feel like sales at all and leaves everyone involved feeling awesome about the transaction and the relationship.

Financial Mastery

The first step to improving your business’ financial health is to understand your financial statements. Many business owners choose not to learn how their financial statements work together, what they mean, or even how the government calculates how much tax they will collect from you. This is a huge mistake. You MUST understand your financials, in order to improve them.

Second, we analyze your numbers together in a way you probably haven’t before. Looking at numbers differently brings insights that can drastically and quickly improve profit margins and cash flow.

Third, we create financial projections, your goals, and roadmap for the business. Everything else we do in your business is done in order to get your business to achieve these numbers. Ultimately, you decide on a net profit that makes you happy, and we go and get it together.

Finally, we systemize a monthly review system where you analyze your actual results versus your goals and use the analysis to point you to the area of your business you need to work on improving next.

Using our proven methods, clients dramatically increase their revenue and profit. You can too.

Lead Coach & Consultant

Kelli-Rae Tamaki

Kelli-Rae Tamaki, MBA

Kelli-Rae is the best reviewed business coach & consultant in the country and is truly passionate about successful business; that’s why she has spent 19 years studying, running, owning, coaching and consulting with businesses, just like yours. She is committed to increasing the success rate of businesses.

She is also incredibly passionate about constant and never-ending education and has completed several business, personal development, and leadership training certifications, in addition to her Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

She takes her mission to improve lives and business very seriously, and works devotedly for every single client she is lucky enough to serve. She works with business owners of every industry in person, or via video conference, and successfully applies her education, skills, and experience in every single one of them. She’s also developed affordable and effective online courses so business owners with smaller budgets can still benefit from her expertise. Finally, our website is chock-full of helpful FREE tools, content and resources that business owners can use to improve their businesses. 

When businesses have clear goals and are willing to do the work, TMH Business Coaching & Consulting can get them there. Many clients have experienced up to 800% increase in profit, after less than one year of coaching or consulting with TMH. When clients are coachable, and execute on assignments, truly magical things happen in their businesses and their lives. 

Personally, Kelli-Rae’s mission in life is to give children more choices. All children deserve to have choices in their education, career, relationships, wealth, ways of thinking and health, regardless of what family they were born into. She focuses her volunteering and donations on Rotary, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and other children-centred organizations that make a powerful difference for kids who are born into poverty, abuse and/or addiction. 

At the end of the day, Kelli-Rae truly just wants to make people happy—she’s incredibly skilled at improving businesses so that’s how she does it for business owners. And marvellously, making a living running and improving other businesses enables her to help thousands of children each year through donations and volunteering. 


Laura Serafini

Administrative & Online Coordinator

Hard working, dependable, organized, a problem solver, open and excited for new experiences, Laura is the perfect person to oversee the daily operations at TMH. She takes amazing care of the staff, clients and Kelli-Rae. We are incredibly grateful to have her running the show.

In her free time, Laura can be found enjoying the outdoors, hiking, and playing volleyball.


Tim Van Der Woerd

Business Optimizer

Passionate, hardworking, creative and dependable. Having a degree in Art, Tim is passionate about people, music and serving our wonderful community here in Lethbridge.

He is a true professional, and we are so excited to have him on our team!




Office Greeter

The most wonderful office greeter, kind, gentle, loving, and loves belly rubs. She keeps office morale high.