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Kelli-Rae, MBA Is Canada's Best Reviewed Business Consultant & Coach

We've Helped Thousands of Business Owners Go From Overworked and Underpaid To In Control and Very Profitable.

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Canada's Top Reviewed Business Consultant & Coach


"Our Business worked with Kelli and her team for almost 2 years and it was the best decision we made. She provided us with good strategies, taught us how to implement systems and helped us reign in the budget. Would recommend anyone serious about taking their business to the next level."


"Over the past few years I have had the absolute privilege of working with and leaning so soo much from Kelli-Rae. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make their business better by working with someone who passionately cares about doing just that. Kelli-Rae is very kind, straightforward, authentic, and has a positive action oriented focus. She is truly amazing at what she does!"

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"I met Kellie-Rae at a community event where she spoke on her 3 pillars of business coaching: strategic marketing, financial mastery, and inspiring and compelling leadership - instantly she had me with her passion, insight and knowledge. After our first connection call, I knew she was the right fit for me. Why? Because this incredible human CARES ABOUT ME and wants to make our business better- and the lives of me and my team better! I completed a year of coaching with Kellie-Rae and not only was I able to pay off over 100K in debt and feel more confident in leadership, I feel more at ease in my role as a business owner & CEO because of her coaching, guidance and support. That’s the thing with Kellie - Rae - she is so brilliant- like next level- high level coaching, knows her stuff inside and out- and brings all the necessary mindset along with the coaching to bring you from zero to hero in your business. I am so grateful I got to have this privilege to learn from her and took a chance to make an investment in myself for my company- do not hesitate to learn as much as you can from this woman. Beautiful human, exceptional coach, and total BOSS! Thanks Kellie-Rae for always going over the limits and beyond for me. Big gratitude for you and your amazing team!"


“I have been working with Kelli-Rae and her team since the fall and I am incredibly grateful for the changes that we have made to my business already. I truly feel like I have a partner in my business to discuss ideas and challenges with and work towards my goals. Kelli-Rae and her team bring so much knowledge and experience to the table. I highly recommend Kelli-Rae and the TMH team and I look forward to continuing our relationship!"


"Working with Kelli-Rae and the TMH team has been completely LIFE CHANGING for my business and my life as a whole. My business has been completely transformed into what I always dreamed it could be. If you are ready to work with the absolute best in the industry and truly take your business and your life to the NEXT LEVEL, I can't recommend TMH enough. You will unlock a world that you didn't even know existed if you are lucky enough to have the chance to work with Kelli-Rae and the TMH team!"


"When it comes to business coaching there are so many business's and people you can choose from but nothing and no one compares to Kellie-Rae and her team at TMH Business Consulting! Kellie-Rae doesn't only provide coaching but she provides great mentorship. I hired Kellie-Rae for help in the financial scope of things but quickly realized she and the team has so much knowledge on SEO, financing, branding and leadership. These are only a few things core things that are needed for a successful business. She knows what works and will always share those golden nuggets. My Business's future looks so bright and things are starting to fall into place for growth and success. Sometimes you just need to step out of the box, ask for help and use the resources that are there to help you. Business can be better, even better than that it can be exceptional! Thankyou TMH Business Coaching for helping us reach new goals and improve leadership personally and professionally! We appreciate all of you."


"Kelli- Rae is an amazing business coach who is committed to you learning the systems to move business forward with ease and clarity. She cares so much about working alongside you and your team to ensure everyone is on the same page and moving towards the same goal. She is honed in on where to move the needle for results and is committed to your growth. We loved working with her to get our systems where they needed to be for that growth. I highly recommend TMH and Kelli- Rae!"


"Working with Kelli is a dream. She takes time to ensure you and your team are working together to succeed. Even with a large team, she understands how to empower each of us and direct the leadership team to motivate our staff and crush our sales goals. Every question you may have about business will be solved by her brilliant work and experience! Thank you Kelli-Rae for helping us grow our business."

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