Want to love your business? You need to find, hire, and retain the best people with this hiring process!

Frustrated with your business lately? Wishing your team cared about your business as much as you do? Working too much and getting paid too little? Chances are your employees are not necessarily the best ones for the job. The reason for this? Your lack-luster hiring process. 

Having intelligent, coachable, and quick-learning humans on your team is the most important thing you can do to keep up with the changing times and customer service excellence required to have a successful multi-million dollar business. People are everything.


Ok great, but HOW do I do this?

Well, you need to create a hiring procedure, and edit and update it as you learn more and more, through the experience of hiring and working with your teammates. *And yes, you will notice, around here we call them TEAMMATES. Not staff. Not employees. They’re your teammates; important amazing human beings who help YOU achieve your goals and dreams, systemize your business, and take time off with your loved ones. If that’s not the definition of a great teammate I don’t know what is! Grab our hiring process template here! I’ve been perfecting and improving it for 22 years! We are almost 100% hiring the exact right people in our companies using this process!


How to find the best candidates and turn them into AMAZING hires! 

  1. Slow down, be positive, and follow our (your) hiring process to make the most effective hiring decisions! *The hiring process should be considered a template; add steps to YOUR hiring procedure every time and any time you notice that you have a team member with an undesirable quality or lack of skills. For example, if you hire someone who ends up being very negative or focusing on what’s wrong instead of looking for what’s right (this is very common so you HAVE to have this in your hiring process, trust me) add a question in your interview, and reference checks to make SURE you don’t hire someone with this personality trait again. 
  2. The goal of the hiring process is to GET TO KNOW THE CANDIDATES. Anyone can answer a question with something you want to hear, but you want to get to know WHO they are, so try to only ask questions other than describing the role for them, and have them talk 90% of the time. In order to get to know them you need them talking constantly. Use your questions, and also prompt them to tell you more on each answer. For example, “please tell us more about that” or “oh, how did that make you feel?” And remember, you should only talk 10% of the time! You really really want to get to know them!
  3. Your hiring process (grab our template here) must include steps to prevent each and every thing you DON’T want, while ensuring you hire people who are AMAZING and have the traits and skills you need to achieve your goals, or are totally capable of and willing to learn! *We use our working interview to ensure this!
  4. Hire people who look for the best in others, instead of criticizing them or pointing out flaws. I call these negative people (the ones you do not want on your team) “wrong-makers,” they LOVE to point out what’s wrong with people or wrong with what they’re doing wrong. They’re CANCEROUS. Coach this aggressively and terminate them if you can’t fix it. You cannot achieve your business potential with these types of people on your team! *Pro tip: remember to use questions when coaching your teammates. They are your SUPERPOWER as a coach! Also, in this situation I highly recommend using the culture statement as a tool. To recap, find teammates that are POSITIVE and solution-seeking instead of people who tend to complain about problems. 
  5. Follow your culture statements when choosing candidates! If new teammates are not a cultural fit you’re going to cause way more problems than progress! The BEST fit is always someone who displays (during your hiring process) your culture statements – or core values – naturally, because they also believe in the “rules”  you’ve agreed to live by!
  6. Hire those willing to go above and beyond instead of doing the bare minimum. I usually get this from the references, or by watching how they do during each step. For example, did they submit a cover letter, or just a resume? Did they show up early, or right on time? Etc. 
  7. Find people who will respect you and want to learn from you, while also sharing their unique knowledge and skills with you and the other teammates! Learning goes hand in hand with the constant change you and your team(s) must expect and look forward to!
  8. Call or email people with the required education, skills, experience, and certification to set up a time to talk on the phone BEFORE wasting everyone’s time at an in-person interview! Make sure you call/zoom and ask your “deal breakers.” We ask six very important questions, found in our hiring process, to ensure proceeding with the process is worth it for you and for them! Here are a few examples:
    • Are you planning to live here long-term?
    • What is your outlook on life? Ask them to complete the phrase, “Life is…..?”
    • What date could you start if hired?(Oftentimes you’ll need someone by a certain time. If they can’t do it, it won’t work. Are they going to leave their current employer with enough notice? They might do that to you one day so take notes!)
    • What is your expected wage? Make sure you’re in the ballpark or there’s no point continuing!
  9. Have the team give approval (people support what they get to help create/decide!) Once they’ve given you their “yes”, ask each of them to help you with making the new person successful! Get their feedback and incorporate it into your decision regarding hiring. Your team’s buy in is SO important to the success of this new hire and your business! Get your team to say “Yes!” or move on to another candidate. 
  10. Reach out to your networks in ALL WAYS several times; someone already knows your next best team member!!!!

If you are hiring, you need to follow a process like ours that WORKS. You also need to avoid RUSHING to hire at all costs. Or it will cost you… all of the costs! 

You can do it! Stay positive. Stick to your process.

you can do amazing things

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