Free Business Assessment

The TMH Business Assessment was designed to help you identify your business’ strengths and weaknesses.

Going through the process of answering the questions will give you huge insights and awarenesses, even before you see your unique results! It will also give us the information we need, in order to provide you with CUSTOMIZED BUSINESS RECOMMENDATIONS that will get you to the next level.

One On One Coaching & Consulting

The best results ALWAYS come from personalized, one on one coaching and consulting. We work with business owners like you to improve financials, leadership, marketing and sales. Our one on one packages include 1, 2 or 3 meetings per month, and focus on YOUR unique, most urgent, areas of opportunity FIRST. Our business growth coaching and consulting is customized to produce the best results for your business and includes access to all of the business coaching and consulting services listed above (live monthly calls, online courses, seminars, and more), in addition to access to your business transformation coach between meetings, access to our online tools and resources, access to a private office space and weekly accountability and motivation.

Because of the intensive support, our one on one clients experience incredible results including but not limited to improved leadership and culture, increased profit, more time off thanks to systematization, increased employee morale, increased overall happiness, increased sense of control and empowerment, and more effective sales and marketing. 


Seminars are taught in person or via video (online, live) up to 12 times per year. Our topics include a wide variety of concepts, falling under the main umbrellas of:

  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Effective Sales & Marketing
  • Financial Mastery

You may book a seminar for your company, or attend a seminar that is open to the public.

Contact us for upcoming seminar dates! 


TMH Business Coaching & Consulting offers up to 12 business mastermind sessions each year. Every attendee leaves with impactful takeaways from the business expert leading the session and from other successful business owner participants. You can book a mastermind specific to your industry, target market, or staff, and enjoy the benefits of bringing together intelligent people in a creative environment.

Consulting Projects

We work on projects with business owners and their teams that include increasing effectiveness in marketing and sales, improving the effectiveness of leadership, and improving the business’ financials. Consulting project timelines can vary from one week to one year, depending on the needs and goals of the business.


This is a 30ish minute weekly podcast that helps business owners with marketing, sales, financials, HR, and leadership. One of many FREE contributions Kelli-Rae participates in as part of our mission to improve business success rates!