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David Czibere

“If you would like a business that is more profitable and systemized, TMH is for you. If you want to have a wonderful business AND have more freedom, with fewer headaches, TMH is for you. In the first year with TMH Business Coaching, we’ve gone from 80 to 100 people, our revenue has increased over 15%, AND our expenses have decreased by 10% - even including the fees we pay TMH. The way they taught us to increase our staff and client satisfaction has been a game changer, in both areas. My team is more loyal and bought in than ever. I can see the success trickling down from my position at the top, all the way through my team, and we are confidently on our way to 7 times the revenue we did this year, with a leadership team that is now amazing and incredibly productive and efficient. By becoming a better leader, and understanding what leadership REALLY is about, I am able to get so much more out of my existing team. We’ve cultivated a team of high achievers that accomplishes work that would have previously required many more employees to do. They are happier, more productive, more efficient, more ambitious and producing better results than ever, all while being more satisfied in their jobs. Now, instead of talking to our clients about problems or challenges, we get to brainstorm with them, and come up with better ideas and improved ways of working! There are far fewer “fires” to put out. This opens up time for me to work on the most valuable things in my business: leadership, sales & marketing improvement, and financially mastering my business. Kelli-Rae and the team at TMH have overwhelmingly proven that “Business CAN be better.”

David Froese

“When it comes to business coaching there are so many business's and people you can choose from but nothing and no one compares to Kellie-Rae and her team at TMH Business Consulting! Kellie-Rae doesn't only provide coaching but she provides great mentorship. I (David Froese) hired Kellie-Rae for help in the financial scope of things but quickly realized she and the team has so much knowledge on SEO, financing, branding and leadership. These are only a few things core things that are needed for a successful business. She knows what works and will always share those golden nuggets. GrayRocks future looks so bright and things are starting to fall into place for growth and success. Sometimes you just need to step out of the box, ask for help and use the resources that are there to help you. Business can be better, even better than that it can be exceptional! Thankyou TMH Business Coaching for helping us reach new goals and improve leadership personally and professionally! We appreciate all of you, David & Chae”


“Kellie-Rae has been an amazing help for my business. I have gained so much confidence in how to create and run a business that is in line with my goals. She has gone above and beyond to make sure that I am successful! I have worked with other business coaches in the past but all they cared about is selling you a high ticket coaching package that was only videos and an overwhelming group chat. Kellie-Rae has made it clear through her actions both in and out of coaching sessions, that she is on my team, and she deeply cares about my progress. I finally have someone that I can fully trust!”

Shelly Shaw

“Kelli-Rae has been the change I needed to make my business succeed and grow! She is very knowledgeable about all things business… I would recommend Kelli-Rae to any business owner...”

Teri-Lee Morphy

“Kelli Rae is extremely knowledgeable! She has been wonderful to work with, she has both improved me personally and professionally! We look forward to every meeting with her as we are always learning new things!“


Jayna Hartley

“It’s been such a great experience working with Kelli Rae. She offers business advice based on facts and numbers which helps to clarify decisions that are at times overwhelming to make. Her genuine desire to help small business success always shines through!“


Amethyst Mueller

"Kelli-Rae is wonderful to work with. She challenges us to grow our business and take care of our people. She is energetic, creative and brings a lot of experience and wisdom to the table. It is a privilege to work with someone so respectful and kind and who is willing to serve wherever she can."

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Pure Spa Lethbridge

“The team at TMH has been absolutely wonderful to work with and we are so incredibly grateful for the work that they do. Starting and running a business is challenging and having Kelli Rae’s expertise and guidance has helped us to improve ourselves and our business in so many ways. TMH has been one of the best investments we’ve made in our business.“


Jesús Cabrera

“Kelli Rae commits passionately to helping you succeed and holds you accountable to your goals while being there in any which way you may need. I am very impressed with her dedication, support and knowledge that she possesses. I highly recommend anyone that is interested in business coaching to not second guess yourself and let her show you how invaluable she may just be to your business!“