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2019 Winner

Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Business Ethics Award

Kelli-Rae Tamaki Top 40 Under 40

Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Top 40 Under 40

Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Winner

2019 Ordinary Heroes Winner - Presented By School District 51 and Alberta Health Services-Addiction and Mental Health

Shelly Shaw

“Kelli-Rae has been the change I needed to make my business succeed and grow! She is very knowledgeable about all things business… I would recommend Kelli-Rae to any business owner...”

Teri-Lee Morphy

“Kelli Rae is extremely knowledgeable! She has been wonderful to work with, she has both improved me personally and professionally! We look forward to every meeting with her as we are always learning new things!“


Jayna Hartley

“It’s been such a great experience working with Kelli Rae. She offers business advice based on facts and numbers which helps to clarify decisions that are at times overwhelming to make. Her genuine desire to help small business success always shines through!“

Ryan Boles

“Kelli-Rae and the staff at TMH are incredible to work with. I have discovered an incredible potential both in myself personally and as a growing small business that I did not see before. The level of professionalism and experience is top notch. It has been a life-giving, course altering journey over the past year that I could not imagine my life without. Thank you for seeing the potential in me, my staff and our business…“

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Pure Spa Lethbridge

“The team at TMH has been absolutely wonderful to work with and we are so incredibly grateful for the work that they do. Starting and running a business is challenging and having Kelli Rae’s expertise and guidance has helped us to improve ourselves and our business in so many ways. TMH has been one of the best investments we’ve made in our business.“


Jesús Cabrera

“Kelli Rae commits passionately to helping you succeed and holds you accountable to your goals while being there in any which way you may need. I am very impressed with her dedication, support and knowledge that she possesses. I highly recommend anyone that is interested in business coaching to not second guess yourself and let her show you how invaluable she may just be to your business!“

TMH Business Coach & Consultant Kelli-Rae Tamaki, MBA

Business Can Be Better™

Kelli-Rae has almost two decades’ experience studying, running and consulting with businesses. She has completed her MBA, significant additional training in leadership, personal, and professional development. Using her extensive education and experience, Kelli-Rae works hard to bring amazing results to the businesses she works with.

As a business transformation coach, Kelli-Rae is passionately committed to uncovering areas of opportunity, and teaching you how to improve your effectiveness in leadership, employee engagement and performance, marketing and sales, and financial management. Through improvements in these key areas, business owners are able to maximize systematization and profit, while gaining freedom and time away from the business with their loved ones.


Business Advice


How To Lose Fewer Customers In One Word: Feedback

By Kelli-Rae Tamaki March 7, 2020

I will start today with a disclaimer because I am absolutely NOT perfect. However, I am WILLING to be better, and often times that involves asking for feedback. Feedback is the key when it comes to how to lose fewer customers. Here’s a video on the importance of feedback: How To Lose Fewer Customers—Staff Feedback You…

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5 Reasons Your Marketing Fails — And How To Fix It

By Kelli-Rae Tamaki March 4, 2020

I’ve been there—you spend thousands of dollars on marketing or advertising and don’t really know if it’s working. You might be wondering, did your sales increase? Did your lead quality increase? Did you make any money or just spend more? It can be SO FRUSTRATING! Trust me, I know. For your entertainment, here are eight…

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