Stop the overwhelm! Learn how to prioritize and SUCCEED.

Do you feel overwhelmed, overworked, and underpaid? It’s probably because you have too much to do!!! Yes, that’s right. Too much. Too much to do. I want to help you chop 80% of your to-do list into tiny pieces. Metaphorically, because I don’t want you using paper or a to-do list at all lol! Stop the overwhelm today! 

I want to help you prioritize like the world’s most successful and wealthy, and I want you to have more profit, freedom, and joy in your life! 

stop the overwhelm

Let’s do this! Have you ever heard of the Pareto principle? In my (business-specific) words, it basically means that 80% of your results come from 20% of the things you do. I know, I know, it’s horrible when you first learn, but it’s true, and it will FREE YOU! So let’s keep going. 

How many things do you have telling you what to do each day?

  • Do you have a to-do list? 
  • A to-do pile?
  • Sticky notes?
  • A calendar… or 3?
  • Text messages to respond to?
  • Emails to answer?
  • Other family members’ commitments to remember and attend?

I bet you have some that I haven’t even thought of! 

We’re going to get rid of ALLLLLL of them except for ONE calendar. Yes, that’s right. You have ONE LIFE, and ONE CALENDAR has the same number of slots/hours as your real-life day! So let’s do this and stop the overwhelm that runs rampant in the lives of so many business owners! 

stop the overwhelm


Business owner, you need to ask yourself some serious questions!

  1. What are your biggest and most important goals in life? Ensure you have time in your calendar every day that is moving you towards these!
  2. Who are the most important people in your life? Make sure you have BOOKED dates or times with these people! They’re a huge part of the reason you do anything and everything as a business owner. You want the freedom to spend time with them, and the money to do whatever you want when you’re with them, right? Well, GET THEM IN YOUR CALENDAR NOW and it will help you achieve your goals much faster. Don’t spend your life working for something that you could have right now, and then die before you ever get the time to enjoy it, like my Dad did. 
  3. Get RID OF YOUR TO-DO LIST!!!! Only use ONE calendar from now on. Look through your “lists” and get rid of the bottom-producing 80%, or the things that really don’t matter or move the needle. Yes I know, it’s a shock, I can’t believe I lived that way for so long!!!!
  4. Realize that barely ANYTHING is urgent. There are always things that are important but rarely is anything TRULY URGENT. Also, the more you prioritize and use your calendar properly, the LESS fires will come around, and the LESS URGENT everything will be!

Look through this lens whenever you’re putting something in your calendar, especially if it is for someone else. People impose their false deadlines on you constantly! Do you really have to do that thing today? Along with the other 29 things? Will someone die if you don’t? If yes, obviously do it but if you’re like 100% of the rest of us, you’re doing things “urgently” that aren’t really urgent. You’re stressing for no good reason. You’re hurting yourself and your relationships, even though you don’t have to. So start assessing things with a critical mindset and make your calendar FEEL GOOD to you. Not everything needs to be done right now!


  1. Take alllll of the piles, sticky notes, and to-do lists, and ELIMINATE 80% of the tasks on there. I promise you, only 20% of those things are your needle-moving, most-valuable activities! You can save the 80% you chop off somewhere to review in another year or two if you like, but DO THIS. TRUST ME. YOUR REWARD WILL BE SO MUCH RELIEF AND PEACE OF MIND!!!! Also, you’ll notice that almost all of the things on your list get taken care of or become irrelevant because you’ve focused on and completed the 20%!
  2. Reduce your gathering points to ONE! Yes, one. Your calendar has the same number of hours as your real-life day, so STOP with the to-do lists, the sticky notes, the piles, the emails, the text messages, and anything else that “tells you what you have to do.” YOU WILL FEEL OVERWHELMED FOREVER UNLESS YOU REDUCE YOUR GATHERING POINTS! Trust me. Use your calendar and only your one calendar. Delete/file emails and every other “to-do list” you have, and put things in your calendar. This will set you FREE. 

The most important thing you need to know is that YOU ARE IN CONTROL. You are overwhelmed because of your current habits and ways of doing things. If you take on these 2 challenges you will feel SO MUCH BETTER and ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOAL SO MUCH FASTER!!!

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Business can be better™ and it should be!

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

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