How to Get Those 5-Star Reviews!

Are you struggling with asking customers or clients for those 5-star reviews? What if they didn’t have an excellent experience? What if they give us a bad review? If you are struggling with asking for reviews then this post is for you! You know that reviews are SO important and you CAN get those 5-star reviews! Read my 3 tips for making sure that you get GREAT Google reviews with comments!!

get those 5-star reviews


Have you ever worried about sending requests for Google reviews? For instance, you’re worried that your customers won’t take the time to leave a review at all, or even worse, they may leave a LESS THAN 5-star review. What about a (GASP) 1-star review?! I know, this anxiety is so real. I know this feeling too. It can cause major anxiety because….

You know that over 97% of people read online reviews (especially Google reviews) before making purchase decisions, so you know you need Google reviews (5-star ones with comments to get the SEO boost) but you’re just not sure what your clients would say given the opportunity.

If you are worried about getting anything less than a 5-star review I have three solutions for you, but NUMBER ONE is an absolute MUST-DO for any business owner.


1 – Don’t even THINK about asking for 5-star reviews until you MAKE SURE YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IS EXCEPTIONAL. EVERY TIME.

We do this with policies & procedures, client feedback, and training our staff on those things. *Role playing is VERY effective and your competitors are not doing it so you can create a competitive advantage here by making sure you DO! 

The customer experience should be a HUGE focus in your business! How they experience your space, your online spaces, your team members, your products, and services. Once you are happy with all of that, because you’ve tested it, go get your 5-star reviews with comments! But NOT until you are sure that your clients are getting an EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE. EVERY. TIME. If you are interested in my tips on how to care for your customers, give this recent blog post a read. 


2 – Have your initial message (email, text, or social message) say this:

“Thank you so much for allowing us to be of service, it was absolutely our pleasure. If you think we deserve a 5-star Google review, we would LOVE it if you could click here and leave your comments. 

If you think we deserve anything less than a 5-star Google review, PLEASE reply to this email, and tell us how we can do better!

Thank you so much in advance for your feedback. We truly appreciate it.”

Some CRM services can automate this process for you! This way you won’t have to think about it, AND the Google review option will only be given to the people who already selected a high rating on the software landing page. 

get those 5-star reviews

3 – Follow up! Follow up! Follow Up! Those 5-star reviews are worth it! 

 You know that 84% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th follow-ups, right? You know that people are SO BUSY and SO DISTRACTED, right? So we need to follow up in different ways, at different times, and make it SUPER EASY for them to just click and type their comments! Just make sure you’re not annoying 😉 Be gracious, kind, and grateful. Here’s an interesting article about the power of kindness in business from Forbes! You’ll get your 5-star reviews with comments as long as you are following up with people who had an EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE 😀 


So, the TAKEAWAY: we need our customers or clients to have a truly exceptional experiences with us, in every way, every time, or we should not be asking them for Google reviews. 

 Get to work on that experience and you’ll be blown away by your great online reviews!

Business can be better™ and it should be!

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