Your Most AMAZING Marketing Plan Ever: Part 3 of 3

Let’s finish that AMAZING marketing plan you have been working on for the past two weeks, and start getting you more money, and fewer headaches!

1. The offer & pricing strategy

This one is really tough for a lot of businesses, and really poorly done because of that. BUT, when you get it right, IT’S PURE MAGIC!!! Here’s how to get it right: first, simplify your “offer” by succinctly summarizing ALL OF THE VALUE you provide (include results, outcomes, benefits, anything AMAZING that they receive from buying your product or service). This could look like “TMH coaching packages include one on one meetings with your coach, 4 online courses, access to your coach between meetings, action & accountability emails every Monday, access to seminars and mastermind sessions, access to all TMH Business tools and resources (marketing plan, financial plan, worksheets, policies, procedures, videos, and more), and live monthly coaching calls (online)”. Second, give them the lowest price, or the entry-level price, after stating the value. So, for example, “TMH coaching packages include one on one meetings with your coach, lifetime access to 4 online courses, access to your coach between meetings, action & accountability emails every Monday, access to seminars and mastermind sessions, access to all TMH Business tools and resources (marketing plan, financial plan, worksheets, policies, procedures, videos, and more), and live monthly coaching calls (online)”, starting at $1,000 per month. Once you’ve got people interested because of the huge value, and entry-level pricing, you can go into more detail with different products/services, options, and pricing. Most of us try to share ALL of the different products/services/options/prices all at once and lose people (for many psychological reasons I won’t get into here, just trust me, you’re losing them). 

2. Online Marketing

Online marketing can seem very overwhelming, and many business owners (including us) have made costly mistakes by outsourcing to someone who wasn’t totally clear about a. your needs and/or b. the results they can provide. Don’t make this mistake. DO NOT HIRE ANYONE to do marketing until your plan is complete, and you know three things: WHO you want to target, WHERE they are hanging out, and WHAT results you need! You should know all of these things because you did the last 2 weeks’ marketing assignments, right?! Right. Here are some of the most important pieces to online marketing (some may not apply if your target audience is not online… but that’s very rare these days).

Website: it must be clean, simple to use, and catered to YOUR AUDIENCE, not to YOU! Remember to tailor things to your ideal clients, not to yourself. Unless you are exactly the same age, have the same hobbies, and think the same way (highly unlikely) as your ideal target market segment… don’t trust yourself on your website (or any of your branding). The successful business owner does great research (remember those surveys we told you to do?) and they do great research often! You shouldn’t ever be guessing in marketing. You can test, measure, analyze and decide but you never GUESS! When you hire someone or do it yourself (there are lots of awesome, user-friendly, DIY sites out there now) make sure to be very clear on your needs, and expectations, including price. Many website designers are creatives and entrepreneurs just like you, so you have to be very clear! Do you know how your entrepreneur brain just flies all over the place with wonderful, amazing, creative ideas (it’s a beautiful thing, really)? So does their’s! This can be bad news for your “user-friendly & simple” site!

SEO: our very best advice is to get all of the google reviews (with comments) that you can! This has worked better than anything for all of my clients in the past 5 years. Second, BLOG! You have so much relevant, awesome information; give Google a reason to pull up your site for people! Put blogs on there with the answers/words/phrases that people are searching for! I recommend blogging, or hiring someone to blog for you, weekly! Third, update your site, and your listings (Google, etc) often. Remember search engines love relevant information, videos, and updates. Remember that Google is trying it’s very best to pull up the RIGHT ANSWERS for people – so make your stuff the right stuff by doing your research, and including what your ideal clients want on all of your online channels!

Social media: you’ve done your research, so you know where your ideal clients are! Be there too! And provide AMAZING free content that really and truly helps them! Get off the platforms that your ideal clients avoid, and delete those profiles you’re only putting 10% effort into. If you’re on a platform, DO IT WELL!!!! And remember you’re there to serve, the sales will come. *more on this next week*

Email marketing: permission marketing is still one of the most amazing ways to serve your clients. When someone joins and stays on, your email list, they are giving you permission to keep emailing them! I don’t know about you, but almost every store I go into nowadays tries to trick, cajole, convince, or bully me into giving them my email, and I have spent HOURS unsubscribing from useless, inbox-filling emails that I didn’t want! So, when I give my email address, I am really bestowing an incredible honour on that person….. and that is how I feel about YOU, letting me into your inbox! So thank you <3!!

Well, you’ve done it. Or, you’ve simply just read “it”, and NOW you’re going to do all of the last three weeks’ worth of articles, and come up with the MOST AMAZING and EFFECTIVE MARKETING PLAN OF ALL TIME!!! Please reach out if you need assistance, as always, we are here to support you!

Next week, we’re onto the BEST LEADERSHIP RULES of all time, learned through trial and (much) error in my 18-year business career! This stuff works like magic, but you aren’t allowed to have it unless you do this marketing plan! Just kidding… unfortunately I have no way of knowing if you do it… so just DO YOUR MARKETING PLAN!!!

If you feel you need some help increasing your profits, contact TMH Business Coaching and Consulting today for a confidential, free, no obligation consultation to propel you forward. Also, please feel free to add yourself to our weekly coaching tips email!

Business can be better™ and it should be!

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