If It’s Not Win-Win, You LOSE!

WIN-WIN must be a focus for you.

“WIN-WIN” – It sounds nice! It’s a good concept! You’ve heard of it before – I’m sure!

It’s not just a concept and it’s not just for others, you need to make it part of your overall strategy! You must keep WIN-WIN in mind when making decisions around your:

1. Relationships
2. Staff
3. Clients

How to get the best results, by implementing a WIN-WIN mentality


If you get your way, but the other person doesn’t get what they want or need, there is sure to be resentment and unhappiness in your future. So really, you both lose! If you can find a solution to have both parties feel happy, heard and satisfied, it’s a WIN-WIN, and your relationship will flourish. 


If you “win” by getting your employee to sign a contract for a lower wage than they’re comfortable with, you really don’t win! Employees may look for a job elsewhere, not engage or work as hard as they could, and won’t feel appreciated or encouraged. If you can come up with a pay structure that makes them happy AND preserves your business needs (to make a profit), you both win! You will probably end up achieving more success than you had thought possible, prior to this agreement.

For example, implementing performance-based pay, to give the employee who hits certain goals more money can be based on the company achieving their net profit goals. WIN-WIN!


If you “win” by deciding not to satisfy an unhappy customer who demands a refund, you can lose BIG TIME online. You are 10 seconds away from a terrible online review and negative word of mouth.  Thanks to social media, word of mouth is 1000 times faster and easier to spread. Not to mention, you won’t get that customer,  their friends, and family back into your business.

If you come up with a solution that helps them feel satisfied or taken care of, they can become a raving fan and source of referrals for you online! The ones who shout the loudest about negative experiences, also tend to speak publicly about how great you did in taking care of them. Personally, I’ve edited negative reviews, after having a manager take extra special care of us to make a situation right!

Take the concept of WIN-WIN with you today and incorporate into your strategy. You will be pleasantly surprised at the wonderful results you begin to get in all areas of your life.

Remember, if you’re the only one winning, you’re not really winning at all!


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Business can be better™ and it should be!

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

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