Why You Won’t See Me At A Protest: Other Ways To Make a Positive Impact

Even though I abhor racism and discrimination of any kind, you won’t see me at a protest, and you won’t see me fighting with people on social media. But I will make a positive impact.

The World Is In A State Of Change

We have seen great conflict and unrest in the world this year. The fighting, protests, news stories, and many social media posts have been deeply disturbing to me. Like any decent human being, my heart breaks when others are not treated with equality, kindness, decency, and love.

But I won’t be at the protests and I won’t be spending any time fighting with others on social media because I KNOW that I can make a much more positive impact in the world in a different way.There are many ways to make a positive impact on our world

Make A Difference With Your Business

By continuing to run my businesses in a truly mission-driven way, and empowering other business owners to do the same, we will continue to make a far greater impact than if I were to attend a protest or participate in those conversations online.

By running successful businesses that make a positive impact in the world for others, as well as volunteering our time for organizations like Rotary, Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Youth Residential Treatment Centre, the YWCA, and more, we are able to make significant contributions to causes like this one: https://blacklivesmatter.ca/donate/

Teach The Children…

By teaching the kids we volunteer with that everyone ALWAYS deserves to be treated with equality, love, kindness, and decency, we are making a positive difference in their world, and the people that these children will interact with.

By doing what I know I can do to make a difference, I am fighting racism, discrimination, poverty, and abuse. I am improving the lives of other human beings. I am donating, I am volunteering, and I am empowering and teaching others to do the same.

I am not silent. I am busy doing my best, doing what I know works to make the most powerful positive difference I can in the world.

Are You Making As Much Impact As You Can?

Your business is a beautiful machine that when run properly can give you the freedom to volunteer, the money to donate, and the influence to make a powerful and positive impact in this world.

TMH Business Coaching and Consulting is a member of 100 Companies Who Care – companies banding together to make a positive impact in their communities.

100 Companies That Care: TMH Business Coaching-Lethbridge AB

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Posted by Kelli-Rae Tamaki, TMH Business Coaching & Consulting on Thursday, March 30, 2017

Are you currently making the most powerful and positive impact that you can?


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