Why having lots of clients is not the key to success

Have you ever felt busy, frustrated, and kind of trapped, because although you had a LOT of customers/clients, your business didn’t really feel good and you didn’t really feel successful? Me too, but not anymore! Let me go in depth on why having lots of clients is not the key to success!

Here’s why you may feel that way

Having a roster full of any old clients or a business full of any and every kind of customer is not really the key to success; having a business full of IDEAL clients/customers who LOVE what you sell is the key to success!

This is not only the key to success, but it makes your business more profitable, your clients are happier, and you feel so much better because you’re only interacting with ideal clients! It truly improves your quality of life! Trust me, I am so grateful and honoured to have a business FULL of ideal clients.

Here are a few ways to differentiate between the two:

Ideal customers would probably never say something like: “You’re too expensive.” This is because they see that the value and service you provide, is much greater than the price they pay you. Now, this is not a catch-all, even ideal customers may occasionally mention the cost of your product/service but if someone is repeatedly complaining about your prices, they don’t get that you’re charging those prices because you are the BEST, and you are providing much greater value than you’re charging!

*PS remember that you cannot compete on price, it is a losing battle. This is why we BECOME THE BEST at delivering our products and services so that we can charge accordingly.

High prices are associated with high-quality products and services. Most ideal customers/clients are not surprised by your prices once they fully understand how valuable your offerings are, and how much they improve their situation, life, and/or business.

Ideal customers are a dream to work with. You enjoy your time serving them. You feel good after an interaction with them!

Ideal customers always pay their bills on time.

Ideal customers keep their word, and hold up their end of the bargain or agreement. For example, if they said they’d have their truck dropped off by 7 am for you to work on but it didn’t roll in until 11 am, and they’re not incredibly apologetic, and this is not a one-time thing… you’ve probably got a non-ideal customer on your hands.

Here’s the fix:

Get your team involved in helping you identify your IDEAL clients, and market only to those people!

Increase your prices if they are not high enough to match your incredibly valuable product/services. Your ideal clients will be happy to stay because you are providing such a superior product or service! *If you are too nervous to raise prices with current clients (even though this is a huge missed opportunity and you really should do it), you can simply start charging your new clients the new higher prices. *Just know that your revenue increase and client quality will be a lot slower to improve in this case.

Make sure to survey your IDEAL clients to find out what they like about you, and where they like to be marketed to. Use this information to find more people like them (by talking about the things they like about you, on the platforms they are on, or better yet using testimonials or good reviews from your ideal clients.)

Finally, most ideal clients know more ideal clients. Ask for referrals if it works for your brand!

Once you’ve got a business full of ideal customers, you will love your business so much more, and you will also be more profitable and efficient. Your team will even be happier! One of the things I forgot to mention (and it’s important) is that ideal clients treat your team members like gold!

Do this in your business this week and start to improve your business and your happiness levels right away!

Business can be better™ and it should be!

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

Kelli-Rae is truly passionate about successful business, and believes it can always be better, which is why she has spent 22 years studying, running, coaching and consulting with businesses, just like yours.