What an Awesome Business SHOULD Look Like

How much time off do you take each week? How many fun things do you do? How many times a week do you say, “Ahhhh, I love my life!” How much do you really LOVE your business? Your awesome business should make all these things happen—if the answer to those questions is not at least a few times a week, my friend, you’re not doing it right.

Your Business Is Meant To Reward You

A business is meant to serve a purpose, to solve a problem, to HELP your customers. It should also provide meaningful and well-paid employment for your people. Most of all, it should reward you for all of the hard work, risk, and sleepless nights that you put into your baby, your business.

Here is an article on how to start a company that increases your happiness.

Your Business Is Meant To Provide You Great Freedom

Your business is meant to provide you great FREEDOM. You should be able to take time off whenever you want because your company is full of amazing people who are clear on their roles, goals, and processes. These processes are executed flawlessly to produce a motivated, high-performing team, and a marketing plan and system that basically prints money. The business should be able to run very well, and very profitably without you, if you should choose to be away from it—for a time, or permanently.Your awesome business should make you happy

Your Business Is Meant To Provide You Great Profit

Your business is meant to provide you great PROFIT so that you can use your money to make your life, the lives of your loved ones, and the lives of those less fortunate BETTER. An awesome business produces this profit consistently, month after month, year after year, AND IT GROWS each year because your team understands your financials and finds new ways to innovate, add value, and save on expenses!

Your Business Is Meant To Be Joyful

A business is meant to be a thrilling, JOYFUL, gratitude-producing beauty of a thing… and if it’s not, you’ve got some things to take care of. Don’t worry, you can do them one step at a time, and every single step will take you closer to the amazing business you deserve.

Mastering your financials, your leadership, and your marketing skills will undoubtedly skyrocket your company to the place where you are able to have all of that freedom, profitability, and joy that we talked about earlier.

After 20 years of running other peoples’ businesses, studying business, running my own businesses, and helping thousands of clients run theirs, I can promise you this is true. And it is possible.

AND if you ever want to sell your company, say as part of your retirement plan, having an awesome business like the one we’re describing here will be MUCH MUCH MUCH more valuable and easy to sell.

Take Time Off And Be Profitable

In fact, I have taken more time off this year than ever, and my businesses are more profitable than ever. And no, my employees don’t resent me for this (I get asked this question a lot) because I am straightforward about my goals with them, I treat them very well (as you should treat every human being, but especially your staff!), and I love and respect them. In turn, they love and respect me!

We all want to help the others on the team be happy and accomplish their goals, so staff are happy to fill their roles and accomplish their goals, and let me do what I want to do. You can do this too, I promise you.

What Kind Of Business Do You Have?

What if you don’t learn to master your financials, your marketing, and your leadership? What kind of business will you have? How much freedom will you have? What kind of relationships will you have?

My Purpose On Earth

My purpose on this earth, and I am more sure of this than anything in my life, is to help business owners get your businesses to that perfect place of systemization and profitability so that it can provide the things it is meant to provide you: profit, freedom, and joy. My purpose is to bring you great joy <3. Here is a video of me telling people how their business can make their lives happier:

Why? Because business (and life) can be better!!

Posted by Kelli-Rae Tamaki, TMH Business Coaching & Consulting on Thursday, June 13, 2019

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Business can be better™ and it should be!

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