Two Important Questions For Instant, Life-Changing Results!

I have two important questions for you that will dramatically improve the results you’re getting as a leader, and as a human being.

  1. Who do you want to be? What three characteristics best describe this person?
  2. How do you want to feel?

The Reason We Do Everything

The reason I ask you who you want to be is that as we go through the pile of “stuff” we have to do, the mundane tasks that need our attention, the ladder that we climb on the way to achieving our goals, it’s important to remember that we are doing all of this for an end goal—because we want to be a certain person, we want to feel a certain way.

Two important questions can give you instant results!

The amazing news is that it is possible to be this person and feel this way NOW.

The entire purpose of my work in this world is to help business owners be HAPPIER. And whether you realize it yet or not, anything you want in life, any goal you have set, anything you plan to do, it all has the same end goal for you—to make you feel better/happier.

Once you realize that, there is a veil lifted, a new world exposed for you: YOU CAN HAVE AND BE EVERYTHING YOU WANT… RIGHT NOW. You don’t have to wait until you achieve a certain goal, or have a certain thing happen.

How To Get Instant Results

Here’s how to get those instant results today:

Let yourself be quiet for a moment or two, and ask yourself these two important questions:

  1. Who do I want to be? Choose three words that describe the person you would be so proud to be. If you need some help figuring that out, here’s an article on choosing what kind of person we want to be.
  2. What feeling do you want to have in your life? Find the feeling that describes your absolute state of bliss—for some people that word is “peace” for others it is “freedom.” You pick whatever feeling you’d most like to have.

Now, write those down, and look at them as often as possible. Start being the person you want to be today. Start creating more of that feeling you want to have, now.

Here is one more exercise from me to help you match your actions with what you hold important:

Achieve All Of Your Goals

The best part of this is—the more you BE that person, and the more you FEEL that great feeling, the faster you will ACHIEVE every single one of your goals. You didn’t think I was going to ask you to give up on all of your goals and go sit on a bench in the park for the rest of your life now did you?

Have an incredible week! Or whatever kind of week you most prefer. 😉


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Business can be better™ and it should be!

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

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