Top Three Ways to Increase Revenue Quickly

Have you ever felt frustrated about the low sales in your business? Me too. So have my clients, and even my own team leaders! But there is a simple answer; well, three simple answers. These are the top three ways to increase revenue quickly.

Top Three Ways To Increase Revenue Quickly – With Existing Customers!

It can feel so hopeless and awful to look at the sales numbers when you’re not hitting your goals, but you never have to feel that way again! Here are the top three ways to increase revenue in your business, with existing clients. That’s right, you don’t even have to go get new customers. You have all the clients you need to implement these simple and effective top three tactics to increase revenue quickly (and they can be automated!!!!). More revenue, for no extra time? Yes please!

Follow Up And Ask For Feedback

Follow up after the sale and ask about their experience and satisfaction (automate this if possible). *You can also put in a request for a Google review if you’re confident in your customer experience processes and staff! Thankfully we are, and we send a sweet video expressing our gratitude and asking humbly for a Google review if they think we deserve it. Half the time people remember that they need to come back for something (or go online and buy it — even better) and almost 20% of them will leave Google reviews! We all know that positive Google reviews BOOST YOUR SEO and are GREAT FOR LONG TERM INCREASES IN SALES!!

Here’s a great video on asking for feedback, and a previous blog with an in-depth look into asking for feedback.

Offer More Services To Existing Customers

Email or text your customers about the products or services (or departments) in your business that they have not taken advantage of yet. It can be as simple as, “Did you know we also offer restoration services? Click here to book your free assessment.” This can also be automated. Pro tip: only email or text the customers who actually have not purchased that item you mention. You should be able to make this work with a good Customer Relationship Manager.

Offer Loyalty Rewards To Existing Customers

Offer a loyalty or VIP reward to customers who have purchased a certain amount, or who have been customers of yours for a long time. Reaching out with gratitude, and a special offer like $25 towards your next purchase of $100 or more can generate a LOT of new sales. *Adjust these numbers to fit your brand.*

Systemize All These Processes

No need to feel hopeless or frustrated next time you’re not hitting your sales goals! Just implement these three tactics, tweak them so they work best for your brand, and then SYSTEMIZE them! I know you know this, but systemizing them means that they will happen consistently, because you’ve got it assigned to someone (it’s on their job description) and in someone’s calendar on repeat!

Please let me know how this works for you or if you have questions about how to tailor this approach for your business!

Business can be better™ and it should be!

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