To Be an Effective Leader, You Must Take Time Off

Believe it or not, you can’t be an effective leader if you’re always leading. Eventually, you’ll burn out if you never have a break. It is just as important for YOU to take time off as it is for your staff to take time off!

There are two parts to being GOOD at taking time off (and therefore being a better leader, who gets better results):

  1. Schedule the time off, and ACTUALLY take the day off, and
  2. SHUT OFF FROM WORK while you’re off!

Scheduling Time Off

It’s important that you schedule and take time off to replenish your motivation, rest your body and your mind, and connect with your loved ones. If you don’t schedule time off, you can become ineffective, resentful, and just plain unproductive! Your team and your customers NOTICE if you’re not taking time off, trust me.

Minda Zetlin notes in that,

In one experiment, members of a five-person consultant team were instructed to take one day off every week… Months later they reported better work-life balance, which is hardly surprising. More interestingly, they also reported being more productive and prouder of their accomplishments.

Joe Robinson adds in,

Leaving the work at work is one of the most important recovery strategies–and the hardest. If you’re still obsessing about work when you’re off the job, no recovery can take place. Detaching from work with diversions at night reduces fatigue and promotes positive effects the next morning at work.

And as far as vacation time is concerned, Achor and Gielan note in the Harvard Business Review that, “If you take 11 or more of your vacation days, you are more than 30% more likely to receive a raise. After reading that stat, we hope you just started planning your next vacation.”

SHUT OFF From Work While You’re Off

Make sure you get enough sleep if you want to be at your best every day!

While you’re off, SHUT OFF! If you don’t, you won’t enjoy the benefits that taking time off offers (like improved results in your business).

One of the first things I ask my clients to do is to shut off their notifications. The ones who ACTUALLY LISTEN experience life-changing, positive results. This is a great rule for EVERY DAY, but especially, DAYS OFF. You shouldn’t be notified with a ding, buzz, ring or otherwise when SOMEONE ELSE (eg. Facebook) wants your attention. YOU DECIDE when you want to check in, YOU DECIDE when you want to check out of what you’re doing (to check in online) and YOU DECIDE where your attention goes.

Additionally, learn to BE PRESENT in what you’re doing. If you’re not really listening to your kids or your spouse, or you’re not really enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery you’re hiking in, you are WASTING your day off, and probably hurting someone’s feelings (and your relationship). Enjoy that day off by being fully present with the people, places and things you choose to do with your precious time off.

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