Think You’ve Tried Everything with your Staff? Try These Ideas Too!

There is always something more you can do

I had a client in the office recently who was EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED with his team. He kept saying, “I just don’t know what to do anymore,” as though he had tried everything. This, of course, was not the case.

I think you probably experience this sometimes as well because I see a LOT of business owners in this same trap. They think they’ve “tried everything” and that there’s “nothing” they can do. But the truth is there are MANY things they (and you) can do.

1. Make sure your team has clear priorities

I know I’m certainly at fault for giving my staff several “most important priorities.” Watch the number of things you ask them to do, and ask yourself if you’re being honest with how important the tasks are. Sometimes I really think, “this MUST be done today!” but in actuality, it’s something that doesn’t make a big impact on our strategic objectives, and can be done in a week or so.

2. Make sure your staff have clear job descriptions, with step-by-step procedures

It is absolutely impossible for your staff to do a great job without a very clear, and accurate job description and corresponding procedures. Review and update these as needed, with the team members.

3. Make sure they have great KPIs, included in their job descriptions.

Remember that when giving out Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) the staff must believe two things: 1. it is possible, and 2. it is worth it.

4. Make it almost impossible for them to screw up

If there is ANYTHING at all that you can do to make it harder for them to screw up, DO IT!! This includes everything from making it impossible for employees to

Make good decisions based on your customers' needs

steal, to only having pens in the drawer if you want them to write with pens.

5. Reward and appreciate them

Even if it’s only a verbal compliment, staff respond positively to compliments. Make sure to recognize the GOOD THINGS staff are doing, to encourage more of those things!

6. Implement progressive discipline

If your staff continue to commit breaches of policy/procedure, after you’ve tried everything above, you need to implement progressive discipline. Having a verbal warning, three written warnings, then termination as consequences is sure to give your employees a paradigm shift. After all, they could be terminated if the behavior continues. They need to know this!

7. If you have to, terminate strategically

Consult your lawyer before terminating anyone. I always recommend termination without cause, as it is easier and less demeaning on all parties involved.

So, as you can see, if you’ve got staff who aren’t doing the things you need them to do, there are LOTS OF THINGS you can do before exclaiming, “I’ve tried everything!”

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