The Power of Culture and Promises

To gain credibility and earn the most number of customers, you need to make a promise of quality to them and then stick to that promise.

But this strategy will not work if your culture is in trouble….

So be sure you have worked on your culture prior to implementing this bold statement with your team and customers.

We want to make a promise to our customers about the special treatment they will receive. This promise (or set of promises) will serve three amazing purposes:

  1. It will set you apart from your competitors,
  2. It will remind your team of “how we do things around here” and to make sure every promised step (or procedure) happens, with every client, and
  3. It will give your customers a sort of awesomeness checklist, and prepare them with expectations. We all know that when we do not give a customer a set of expectations about our service or product, they make up their own, and are often disappointed.

Here is an example of a set of promises you might post in a public place so customers know what to expect:


Today you will be treated to:

  1. A warm and friendly greeting,
  2. A hand massage while you wait for your stylist,
  3. Our signature tea, coffee or water, throughout your appointment,
  4. Conversation, or no conversation—you choose, and we respect your choice,
  5. A survey near the end of your appointment to find out how we did, and
  6. The opportunity to rebook your next appointment, to ensure you get your preferred spot.

The last thing you want to do is make your customers a promise you can’t keep. If you can’t live up to your promises, it will destroy your reputation and cost you customers. But if you do keep your promises, you can use this as a selling feature for your company. Then you can brag about it as something that makes you an ideal choice!

So make sure you get your CULTURE STRAIGHT FIRST! Establish the expectations the company holds for all staff, top to bottom. Ensure all staff are treated fairly and ensure staff treat your customers like gold. As Richard Branson once said, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” Build your company’s foundation on strong values and integrity so you know that everyone is working towards following through on your promises.

Work on your trust buckets, and your relationships, and your procedures, and when you’re ready, make a BIG BEAUTIFUL list of promises for your customers and get them on display!


If you feel you need some help developing your business’ culture and promises, contact  TMH Business Coaching today for a confidential, free, no obligation consultation to propel you forward. Also, please feel free to add yourself to our weekly coaching tips email!

Business can be better™ and it should be!

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

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