The One Question to Eliminate Advertising Expenses…Forever!

Tony Robbins asked us a VERY POWERFUL question during one of his Business Mastery classes in Amsterdam. He asked, “what would you do differently in your business if the only way you could get new clients was through referrals?” BOOM! What a question! What an amazing business that would be…. no advertising costs….. solely built on referrals……think about that for your business. Now obviously, the very first thing you want to continue to do is DELIVER AMAZING AND INCREDIBLE SERVICE AND PRODUCTS.

But there are many more things you could do better if you could only get new clients from referrals. Below I’ll share our answers, and hopefully, inspire you to plan out yours!

Here are the 4 things we would do differently:

1. Improve internal procedures even more so that every single client was a RAVING FAN and wouldn’t even think of going somewhere else.

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE procedures! So naturally, I thought ours are pretty great. However, when I was asked this very important question, I started to really break down and think about every process our clients go through, from the first inquiry to the last coaching session. There are definitely tweaks and improvements that can be made, that would decrease touchpoints, and increase convenience and effectiveness for the clients.

2. Ask for feedback more often and execute on it to ensure 100% satisfaction.

We currently ask for feedback quarterly, because we don’t want to annoy our clients. I gave this some real thought and realized if we only ask every 3 months, and we only ask very few questions, we are probably missing out on a lot of helpful insights! In most businesses, I recommend surveying clients after each transaction, or monthly. We will be taking our own advice!

3. Create a better training program for new staff, with the first section focussed solely on client service and client happiness.

This was one that I couldn’t believe I overlooked. The training and onboarding procedures in our clients’ businesses are always a focus, so naturally, you’d think ours was top notch! I think it’s pretty great, especially our screen-captured video training procedures, but there are definitely huge gaps in our customer service and mission delivery. I SHOULD BE DOING THESE VIDEOS for our new team members! Yes, you know I am on it!

4. Systematically ask for referrals, in a way that is comfortable for our clients.

This was seemingly an obvious one, but also a tough one for me. I only have 3 rules for serving, and they are intentionally “anti-salesy”. Those rules are: 1. be authentic 2. have the client’s best interests in mind at all times 3. don’t be attached to the outcome. Based on these “rules”, I rarely ever asked for referrals, because I felt like it may come across as salesy. This seems quite insane considering the fact that a referral is 7 times more likely to do business with you than a “cold” lead. Another reason this was a big oversight is that our ideal clients tend to come from existing client referrals 80% of the time… and here’s the worst part…. I ASSUMED that asking for referrals would come across as “salesy” and never actually ASKED my clients what they thought of that! I bet if I asked the right people they could even give me specific advice on the best way to ask!

What will You do differently?

I hope that my insights can be a great help to you in discovering your own answers to this very important question: “what would you do differently in your business if the only way you could get new clients was through referrals?”

Do yourself a favor, brainstorm with your team, and execute on your answers!

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Business can be better™ and it should be!

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