The Importance of Writing Policies and Procedures

Do you struggle with client satisfaction, efficiency, or other results in your business? Do the same mistakes keep happening again and again? You need to create and enforce policies and procedures.

If we notice something BAD happening in our business, we create a procedure or policy to PREVENT it. Likewise, if we notice something GOOD happening, we make a policy or procedure to ensure it KEEPS happening. Someone in your organization is usually doing things the right way, and they can help you write the step by step procedure or policy.

Polices set the tone for everything that happens in the company.


Policies are general rules for all staff. They grow from your company philosophy as well as your legal obligations and form a foundation for everything you do.

Every member of your team should have a company binder. This binder should contain all the information they need to succeed at their job. There should be a policy section in their binder, and a copy of all policies.

When you create a new policy, everyone signs it (to show they understand and agree to it) and puts it in their binders. This creates accountability for all team members.

The policy section of the binder should, at a minimum, include required policies like progressive discipline, discrimination, harassment, workplace violence, etc. to protect staff and owners.


Procedures provide STEP-by-STEP instructions on how to do each part of an employee’s job (description). So, for example, massage therapists might need procedures for:

  • Preparing the massage room and table
  • Treating the customer
  • Post-treatment interview with the customer
  • Cleaning the room, etc.

Anything on their job description needs to be explained with a procedure: the step-by-step way to do that part of your job. If a procedure is well written, a person who is brand new to the task should be able to follow the procedure and complete the task perfectly on their first attempt.

Enforcing Policies & Procedures

When an employee is not performing, you can use your policies and procedures to coach them, and implement progressive discipline when necessary. This takes the “personal attack” out of asking your staff to be better. They have signed and agreed to every policy and procedure, and in some cases hopefully helped you to create them. These are the only tools you need to have staff perform and behave to your desired standards.


Policies and procedures take time to develop. But they are SO IMPORTANT to your company’s success. Invest the time now so you can reap the rewards later!

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