Want To Make 1500% ROI On Your Marketing? Read This!

Track and analyze your stats to maximize your strengths

Have you ever felt frustrated with your marketing? I know you have – you don’t have to answer that. All marketing IS EXPERIMENTATION, so don’t beat yourself up! As you test and LEARN about your marketing, you can improve and make a better return on your investment of time and money. MARKETING WITH THE SCIENTIFIC…

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How to Win at Pricing!

Do you ever wonder how to price your products/services? A lot of business owners do! There are a few different things to think about when you’re pricing, and I’ve organized the most important ones below for you. Being the best and charging the most is my Number One recommendation. Be The Best And Charge Accordingly…

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How to Win at Marketing!!!

Common marketing fails can hurt your company

FRUSTRATED WITH MARKETING LACK OF RESULTS? Do you ever feel frustrated with your marketing or advertising expenses or lack of results? I know I used to and I KNOW my clients did too! You’re not alone. Throwing money at someone or some method of marketing and hoping you get new customers can be VERY frustrating…

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Strategic Objectives Are Your Company’s Big Goals Strategic objectives are the big goals that your company is going to achieve over the next year or two; we usually do strategic objectives for each fiscal year to match up with the budget and the annual marketing and strategic plans. They are the most important goals in…

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How To Give Your Best Always

be your best

What does giving your best mean? Why would you want to give your best, always? Giving your best is the path to growth and the path to success in all areas of your life. It’s the path to self-confidence, self-esteem, and healthy relationships with yourself and all the other people in your life. Giving your…

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When Is It Time To Hire?

Marketing is just one part of an effective business

How do you determine when it is time to hire? It’s not always clear, but there are ways to tell if it’s the correct time to bring new staff on-board. WHEN IS IT TIME TO NOT HIRE? First of all, when is it time to NOT hire? Is everyone saying they’re too busy and wanting…

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Top Three Ways to Increase Revenue Quickly

Have you ever felt frustrated about the low sales in your business? Me too. So have my clients, and even my own team leaders! But there is a simple answer; well, three simple answers. These are the top three ways to increase revenue quickly. Top Three Ways To Increase Revenue Quickly – With Existing Customers!…

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My Number One Key To Making Millions, Then Billions

Have you ever felt frustrated with your business? Have you ever thought, “What am I supposed to do to make this better? To make more money? To have more freedom?” Well, my friend, I have the answer for you. It is a tried and true solution, proven over more than two decades in my own…

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