Success Won’t Make You Happy, But Being Happy Will Make You Successful

I was thrilled to come across this great video from Shawn Achor last week. It was a great reminder that no amount of success will make us happy, BUT gratitude and being happy will make you successful!

Here’s that awesome video:


And here is a related article on why being happy will make you more successful.

Happy Leader, Happy Life

I’ve seen so many business owners struggle unnecessarily with hiring and retaining good people, attracting and keeping high-quality clients, and just about every other part of their business—because they are unhappy. An unhappy, angry, or stressed out leader is MUCH LESS effective than a happy, calm, positive leader. A happy leader attracts incredible people and opportunities at every turn.

I also took some time to reflect on my past as an ineffective and effective leader. It is 100% true that when I’m happy, confident, and grateful that staff love me and work hard for me, and clients flow easily to me and are attracted to me because I am happy.

Stressing Makes Things Worse

During the times I was worried, insecure, or focused on the wrong things, I had a very hard time finding enough clients to hit my goals. During times like now (and the majority of my life now), where I’m very happy, healthy and grateful, people are literally lining up to work with me.

Make Happiness A Habit

Do yourself a huge favour and watch this video today, share it with your team, implement those daily habits, and watch all of your metrics improve—along with your happiness!! You can do anything—use your mind for good.

I believe in you. I am so proud of you for being vulnerable and courageous enough to be a better leader. You will be rewarded for this over and over again as you run your business.


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