Stop Selling Yourself Short and Selling Your Business Short: Do It This Way

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Yeah, I’ve tried that, “as you heard someone suggesting something? I’m sure you have—we all have! It’s normal to brush off potentially amazing ideas because we think we have “tried that.” But you need to stop selling yourself short!

The problem here is, unless you have really tried it the right way, you are leaving huge opportunity for improvement on the table. You could go on half-trying things for the rest of your life and never attain the success you want and truly deserve!

When I say try something the right way, I mean:

1. Fully Execute On The Instruction

Do the activity, the way it is recommended, with the effort and attention to detail you would give your most important priority.

2. Execute It Over And Over, Consistently

And for a period of time that gives you enough data to make decisions with: would you go to the gym three times and then quit because you don’t have a six-pack? Well, even if you said yes, you shouldn’t! It takes TIME for good strategies to work. If you regularly go to the gym and obey the instructions fully, you WILL get results. Work the program consistently for the length of time that a goal requires before you judge the results.

3. Track Your Results (Like A Mad-Person!)

As you are executing over the length of time you know it will take to really gauge if this thing WORKS, make sure to track all of the data you possibly can. This is the only way you can know if it works! Track results like the number of leads, number of clients, number of positive reactions from staff, staff morale, engagement, or any other metric that will determine whether the activity was a success.

4. Analyze Your Data

Pore over the data you tracked consistently over the period of time, determine whether it worked or not, if it needs tweaks, or if you should move on to the next thing.

THAT is really “trying something.”

Here’s a quick article on how to figure out if your marketing is actually working.

This happened to me just the other day; someone said, “Yeah, we talked about that social stuff before…”

“That social stuff” is SO IMPORTANT and multi-faceted. “That social stuff” requires ongoing tracking, analyzing, tweaking and pivoting. “That social stuff” is a HUGE part of a business’s success or failure in a lot of cases—especially right now.

“That social stuff” could mean 100 leads a day or zero. It could mean 50% of your target audience gets exposed to your brand or 1% do. It could mean the success or failure of your company!

So when I suggest something, or you read a great idea in a book, or you hear an inspiring video and think, “Yeah, I’ve tried that,” STOP SELLING YOURSELF SHORT and REALLY, REALLY try it. You will be so happy you did!

As a very wise being once said, “Do or do not; there is no try.”


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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

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