Start Your Day With a Great Morning Routine

Running a business can be hard work. That’s why it is so important to get each work day off to the best start possible with a positive morning routine!

It is incredibly important that you take command of your day right from the start. If you don’t, you get into a reactive state and are not living with intention. When you’re not living with intention, you are not moving towards your goals.

Getting a good start to the day will set you on a positive path. You can carry that momentum through the day, keeping you in a good mood and leading to better decision-making, more productivity and even more happiness!

A study published in the Wall Street Journal showed that people who start the day happy tended to remain happy all day and that led to better daily outcomes and interactions with other people.

If you want to get the most out of every day, you need to set up a routine that is sustainable and which puts you in the right frame of mind to succeed. That routine should include time for reflection and planning, time for exercise, a healthy breakfast, and a commitment to positive intentions.

Morning Routine Suggestion

  • Journal—Wake up at least 15 minutes earlier to journal about how your perfect day will go. As per Forbes, studies have shown that people who write their goals down are far more likely to accomplish them. The act of writing things down helps to solidify them in your mind and makes you commit to them.
    1. Intentions for the day— Start by writing down your intentions for the day. What do you plan to accomplish? What are your goals? Write down the things you will do and the things that you know work.
    2. Who you will BE today? What you will bring today?—Visualize the person you want to be today and write it down. Imagine your best self and the things you can do to realize that vision.

      Write in your journal EVERY day!

    3. Things you appreciate about yourself. Things you are proud of—Negative self-talk can destroy all the positive things you are trying to achieve. Write down your strengths as a person and the things you are most proud to have accomplished.
    4. Things, experiences and people you are grateful for—Always be grateful. Whether you are grateful for the home you live in, or the vacation you took recently, or your friends and family, it is important to reinforce in your mind that your life is filled with things that make it worthwhile and happy. Never lose sight of all the good around you every day!
  • Have a healthy breakfast that includes water and protein—Many people start their day with a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee, which is just about the worst meal you can have to energize yourself for your day. As per The Telegraph, “Those who ate plenty of fruit and vegetables and drank lots of water were far more likely to feel fit, healthy and happy.” The article goes on to recommend drinking one-two litres of water per day, starting with breakfast, eating at least one serving of fruit (for the fibre), and some protein which will release energy slowly and steadily over the morning.
  • DO NOT check your texts, emails or social media until after you have set your intentions for the day—I highly recommend shutting off all notifications 100% of the time, but at least avoid them in the morning.
  • Breathing—Take 10 deep, slow breaths. Deep breathing has many health benefits, per Livestrong, including reduced stress, better blood flow, and increased energy. By starting your day with some deep breathing, you are setting yourself up for a healthy, productive day!

    Lifting weights is a great way to get some exercise in the morning.

  • MOVE!—Nothing boosts your energy level and gets you ready to take on the world like starting the day with some exercise. Getting your heart rate up and your blood pumping increases your alertness and floods your body with endorphins that help you feel positive and energized. So dance to some great music, or go for a run, or lift some weights for a minimum of 15 minutes. Whatever makes you happy and excited for your day.
  • Review and Visualize your GOALS—Who do you want to BE for your family, your team, and others? Reflect on your targets for success in business and in your personal life.

If you wake up 10 minutes before you have to be out the door, and neglect these important activities, you are CHOOSING to be less successful and fulfilled than you deserve. Try this for one month and I guarantee you will see INCREDIBLE and positive changes in your businesses and lives.

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