Seemingly Insignificant Situations That Will CRUSH You Long-Term

Those seemingly insignificant situations will be the ones that crush you, long-term. 

There are so many opportunities in every day, for us to make better decisions. By the time you arrive at your office, you have already thousands of small, seemingly insignificant choices. You may have decided to brush your teeth (highly recommended). Give your wife a perfunctory peck on the cheek. Pat your kids on the head as they run out the door. Or, you may have eaten something for breakfast that wasn’t very good for you, your arteries, your heart, or for staying alive.

Whatever those decisions were, they were tiny, unimportant decisions… right? NO, THEY WERE NOT! They were a small part of a very LARGE shift in your life, long-term. 

Every single small decision you make during your day affects your: RELATIONSHIPS, CAREER, HEALTH, SUCCESS, and HAPPINESS over the long term.

Think back to those small decisions from your morning. Making a healthier breakfast choice over the long term will EXTEND the number of YEARS YOU ARE ALIVE!!! That is no small decision!

What about your passionless “goodbye kiss?” If you can call it that. Years of making other things more important than your spouse will wear on your relationship. Statistically speaking, this will likely end up in divorce or an unhappy marriage.

The way in which you talk to your clients, your staff, and yourself is just as important as brushing your teeth. Yet so many of us thoughtlessly show up with half of the enthusiasm, passion, and commitment we could muster, or think unkind thoughts towards ourselves.

Why? Because we get no immediate feedback. When you don’t brush your teeth, your mouth tastes like you licked the bottom of someone’s shoe (that’s not just me, right?). You want to brush your teeth to alleviate the negative situation, so you do it, every time.

When your relationships are being damaged or neglected, there is often no immediate feedback. One half-interested conversation, one date where you’re checking your phone, one ill-prepared coaching meeting at a time—you get no negative feedback, so you assume things are “fine.” However, long-term, all of these relationships will fall apart and cause you incredible discomfort, pain, and inconvenience.

Similarly, if you continue to think negative, unkind thoughts about yourself, your self-esteem and effectiveness in EVERY AREA will DECLINE.

If you speak kind, supportive thoughts, you will INCREASE your effectiveness and satisfaction in every area of your life. 

Start looking at every single small decision as a gradual shift in the RIGHT direction. Eat more healthfully. Be more present. Prepare for every meeting as though it were the most important one ever. BE KIND TO YOURSELF. And for goodness sake… hit the gym!

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Business can be better™ and it should be!

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

Kelli-Rae is truly passionate about successful business, and believes it can always be better, which is why she has spent 22 years studying, running, coaching and consulting with businesses, just like yours.
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