Episode 050: Birds, Communication, and Personal Growth

Business Can Be Better
Business Can Be Better
Episode 050: Birds, Communication, and Personal Growth


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In this episode of the Business Can Be Better vodcast Kelli-Rae spends time with Clint and Robyn Pigeon discussing their journey as a husband and wife team in business, their book that is recently a year old, and some of their favorite personal development wins and strategies!

If you’re looking for some encouragement and a GREAT resource for any business owner, you’ll want to listen!

Robyn and Clint own Two Birds Furniture in Okotoks Alberta, are the authors of “Business Life of Husband and Wife: the Ins and Outs and all the Bouts”, and they have an awesome podcast too!

Connect with Clint and Robyn on Instagram, check out their website, and their podcast.

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