The Number One Mindset Shift

Do you ever feel discouraged or frustrated? Like you’ve worked so hard and for so long on your business and it’s STILL not producing the abundance you want? Maybe you’re irritated that you still haven’t found that magic bullet or solution that will systemize your business AND provide the profit and abundance you want in your life? There are thousands of “silver bullets” that make your business more systemized and profitable but there is also one MAJOR MINDSET SHIFT that can make a HUGE difference, right away!

We have all felt frustration, even anger, with our lot in life! But I have great news and a powerful secret for you; we can change all of it… with this incredibly effective mindset shift! Join me in living and enjoying a happier, more abundant and successful business and life. We know that business can be better™ and it should be! 


I don’t often share my personal story or struggles, but I’m going to start doing it more often – because it has recently helped so many people improve their lives and businesses… I once was a VERY unhappy and unhealthy young lady. I was depressed, abused drugs and alcohol, HATED my life, and even attempted suicide. It was the lowest I could possibly go. BUT… hitting that “bottom” bounced me up into watching the first documentary I needed to see, the first book I needed to read, and from then on I just could not get enough! 


Once I realized that WE CREATE EVERYTHING in our lives, I was absolutely on FIRE, learning and implementing EVERYTHING I could get my hands on. I realized that WE CAN CREATE A HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL LIFE! WE DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT UNHAPPINESS or ANY other negative emotion, or circumstances in our lives! WE CAN BE, DO, AND HAVE ANYTHING WE WANT IN OUR LIVES!!! How crazy-amazing is that?! No matter what your childhood was like, what country you were born in or what your ancestry, race, religion or gender is, you can live an INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL AND ABUNDANT LIFE! You can achieve every single goal and dream you have. 

So why on earth do we accept the opposite of that in our lives??? WHY THE HECK do we accept it as “normal” to complain, gossip, and focus on what’s HORRIBLE in the world? Doesn’t that seem insane to you?! Why feel bad, and attract bad things, when you can feel good and attract good things?! 

The sad truth is because it’s “normal.” It’s average. It’s common. It’s everywhere, all the time. I don’t know about you but I am NOT interested in being normal or average. I like being happy, healthy, successful and excited to get out of bed in the morning! I LOVE having businesses that create more happy people, incredible wealth, the most amazing environments, and JOY for everyone who’s a part of them.  

For most people, the problem is that our brains are still programmed to look for what’s wrong, even though we are no longer living in caves running from saber tooth tigers! WE DO NOT NEED THAT PROGRAMMING ANYMORE! 

We need to get that OUT of our minds and fill our minds with the RIGHT THOUGHTS – which will create better relationships, more amazing opportunities, and so much more happiness and joy in your life, and of course, in your business. We need to be AWARE. Studies have shown that 95% of what we do every day is habitual and unconscious. We just walk around doing what we’ve always done, living up (actually DOWN) to the meager self-image and habits we subconsciously partake in. Once I realized what was average and what was possible, I went crazy reading every book I could get my hands on, attending seminars, listening to audios, etc. and to this day still educate myself for hours EVERY MORNING so that I can not only maintain, but improve, my success and joy in relationships, business, and in life. 


I have a LOT of success, joy, and love in my life. It’s amazing. Thinking back to how horribly unhappy I used to be, it’s pretty incredible looking at the life I live now. I literally have everything I have ever wanted in my life. And you can too! In fact, you can start feeling good and attracting the life and business you want and deserve RIGHT NOW. Quick… close your eyes, put  your hand on  your heart, and think about the best moment of your life. Really feel that gratitude. Think about it, focus on it, for as long as you can. HOW GOOD DO YOU FEEL RIGHT NOW?! It really is that simple! Whether it’s a thought about the past, present or future, a thought about you, your spouse, or a complete stranger, ANY GOOD THOUGHT CREATES FEELING GOOD. If you did that exercise, CONGRATULATIONS! You have already started to break out of the unconscious, habitual, mediocrity that 98% of people accept as “normal.” If you didn’t, get your shit together! This is the secret to success and joy in EVERY AREA of your life!!!! Let’s do this!




I’m not saying this is easy, but it is simple: force GOOD thoughts into your mind that FEEL GOOD, instead of letting unproductive or negative thoughts linger. You wouldn’t keep something in your mouth that tasted AWFUL would you? No! You’d spit it out! Do that with thoughts that feel awful! Get them out of your head! Now, it’s not very effective to try not to think about something… because by “not thinking” about it, you’re actually thinking about it. The best and easiest way is to “insert” any good thought, about anything, which will “kick out” the negative thought that was making you (and your life) feel bad. “Insert” a good thought, or ask a good question, or think about something you LOVE! Continue being AWARE of your thoughts (REMEMBER your feelings are the indicator of your thoughts. Bad thoughts create bad feelings). Keep intentionally focusing on good thoughts until it becomes a habit AND surround yourself with amazing people that you can share this with and who will hold you accountable. Then get excited for the magic that shows up in your life, in all areas, starting RIGHT NOW!

Because we as humans are programmed to look for what’s wrong, it’s often difficult for us to feel good, create success, have great relationships, or to be solution focused. You need to feel GOOD to be creative. You need to feel GOOD to come up with good solutions. You need to feel GOOD to attract GOOD PEOPLE and RELATIONSHIPS into your life! You need to FEEL GOOD to HAVE A GOOD BUSINESS!!!!!!!! And how do we feel good? We THINK THOUGHTS THAT MAKE US FEEL GOOD.


Now that you know this, you cannot go back. You can no longer sit in unhappiness, in bad thoughts, that make you feel bad, because you KNOW! YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO BE AVERAGE AND UNHAPPY!! You have this awareness! So USE IT!!!! Anytime you’re feeling bad, ask yourself, “what am I thinking?” and you’ll discover the thought that’s making you feel bad (and creating bad circumstances all around you). THEN, you know what to do! THINK A GOOD THOUGHT! ANY THOUGHT! You can pet your dog and think about how cute she is, or you can list 100 things you’ve accomplished so far in your life. It doesn’t have to be a certain kind of thought. It only needs to be GOOD. It can be exciting, funny, happy, joyful, satisfying, or any other feeling that is GOOD. That good thought will create GOOD FEELINGS for you. Good feelings allow you to achieve EVERYTHING you have ever wanted. 

The main objective here is to increase the percentage of time you spend feeling good every day! You may not be happy 100% of the time, I mean sometimes things just happen, but as quickly as possible, move yourself back into the light; choose a good thought! Do something that feels good! Hang out with someone you LOVE! Watch a movie that makes you laugh. Pet your dog! Do whatever you have to, to feel good. The magic comes from feeling good. 

Now there is, of course, a rational explanation for all the “magic” I’m talking about. But we don’t need to get into that right now. You just need to know that feeling good is the key to abundance in every area of your life. The key is not only knowing this, but executing on the knowledge!! EXECUTION TRUMPS EVERYTHING (thank you Tony Robbins)!


  1. Know that there are at least 30 ways that anything could work out for you, that any goal could be achieved!
  2. Wake up expecting and excited for good things. It’s the best way to go through your day! 
  3. Ask yourself what DO you want?
  4. There is definitely abundance and goodness in your life, but maybe not yet in every area. Find where the good IS and focus on that! 
  5. Improve your self image – what you subconsciously think about yourself – you’ll never get past this! You have to transform it!
  6. ALWAYS be kind and compassionate, especially to yourself!
  7. It’s ok if you’re not perfect…sometimes things happen… just get back on track as soon as possible!


Your assignment is simply to feel good, feel abundant, as much of the time as possible. 

KNOW that you will achieve your goals. And get up every morning excited to see them unfolding. 

Do this for a month and you will not believe your INCREDIBLE life and business. 

Business can be better™ and it should be!

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

Kelli-Rae is truly passionate about successful business, and believes it can always be better, which is why she has spent 22 years studying, running, coaching and consulting with businesses, just like yours.
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