Maybe You Should Quit — Connecting To Your WHY

Do you sometimes feel like quitting?

I see many business owners who are painfully DRAGGING themselves through their day. They have no passion! They are NOT LIT UP!! It breaks my heart. The way I see it, you have two options at this point.

When I work through challenges like this with business owners, sometimes I have to recommend that they:

  1. QUIT (either sell or shut the business down). However, many times, we can just help them…
  2. Get in touch with their original reason for starting, and RE-IGNITE them by connecting to their WHY!

They become more HAPPY, EFFECTIVE, and FULFILLED (which always translates into more profit)! Where are you at with these two options? It’s perfectly sensible to ask yourself this question more than once!

Shutting down your business, or selling, can be a great idea, if

  1. It’s profitable and has been for the past few years.
  2. It would be very valuable to a new owner, because you’ve got it systemized, and a lot of business is going to continue to come in, with or without you as the owner.
  3. You don’t feel LIT UP about it! This means you are no longer passionate about it and driven to continue to push for success for your clients, your people, and yourself.

If you’re going to continue running your business, we have to get you discovering and re-engaging with your WHY frequently!

Losing touch with your big WHY (or reason for doing anything meaningful) will cause you to be:

  • A lack-luster leaderYour Why
  • Overwhelmed
  • Bored
  • Bitter
  • Resentful
  • Less profitable
  • Other horrible things

The good news: we can fix this!!!

I have had six AMAZING conversations in the last 10 days, with brave, authentic business owners who admitted they were “ho-hum” about their mission statement (which contains their “why”), their marketing, their brand, or their WHY. This means the business wasn’t working as well as it could be! Any time you’re not feeling incredibly excited about all of those things, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. Through some brave, courageous, deep work on their marketing, and their question of “WHY am I doing this?” we found the most AMAZING “WHY,” and from that, the most amazing, authentic, effective marketing plans!

Benefits of truly connecting to your WHY:

  1. Create an AUTHENTIC Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that others cannot imitate!
  2. Re-ignite PASSION in yourself and your team
  3. A mission statement that speaks authentically to your ideal clients will increase your sales and retention
  4. A sense of peace, and knowing that you’re doing the right thing with your life
  5. Increase engagement from your team
  6. Increased profit

Your Why drives your enthusiasmYour marketing plan, your mission statement, your culture statements, your unique selling proposition, your brand, your website, your vision, and everything else you do should come from your REAL WHY!!!! Marketing is NOT manipulation, trickery, or window dressing. The best marketing is actually simply SHARING YOUR WHY AUTHENTICALLY.  I am SO EXICTED for you to see these results!!!!

So how do you find your why?

A simple writing exercise, where you ask yourself, “why am I doing this?” and then, “okay, why is that important?” and then, “okay, why is that important?” can be incredibly effective. Usually, people will go back to several times in their life, usually beginning as a young person, where they found a strong feeling inside them either FOR or AGAINST something. They decided (unknowingly) that they’d been DRIVEN by this.

Here’s a video talking about WHY:

Once you’ve got your why, it becomes the “Why do we do this?” part of your mission statement. Your mission statement drives your entire marketing plan and brand.

Working with a coach to find your why would be much more powerful than attempting it alone. I want you to feel the passion, excitement, and fulfillment that you deserve (because this is my WHY!!!).

If you feel you’re ready to make the changes to your business that will make it more successful and more enjoyable, contact TMH Business Coaching today for a confidential, free, no-obligation consultation to propel you forward. Also, please feel free to add yourself to our weekly coaching tips email!

Business can be better™ and it should be!

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

Kelli-Rae is truly passionate about successful business, and believes it can always be better, which is why she has spent 22 years studying, running, coaching and consulting with businesses, just like yours.
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