Let It Go — And It Will Come Back To You In Spades

Over the years I’ve grown so much happier and more successful as I became less “attached” to each thing in my life. Non-attachment brings MORE of everything—money, success, love and joy. So let it go.

As this article notes, “When we’re attached to an outcome, we tend to fixate on or only accept one solution—excluding any new information, ideas, or opportunities… It’s usually only in retrospect that we realize just how much clinging to one solution prevented us from seeing the best path to what we truly want.”

Here is a great, inspirational video about the power of letting go:

Don’t Obsess Over My Body? What Is This Crazy Idea?

I finally learned a few years ago that food and exercise are not things to obsess over, count calories like a fiend over, or make the centre of my whole world. And I’ve never liked my body more. When I was obsessive I could never seem to lose the last five pounds but now it’s just not a thing and all of my clothes fit great.

It’s True—You Don’t Have Anything If You Don’t Have Your Health

I learned that money literally means nothing if you don’t have health, family, and love (including self-love). When I was incredibly sick, I looked at my money, my home, and all of the other things money can buy and realized that I couldn’t enjoy any of it if I didn’t have my health. I became unattached to money, and money started flowing to me much more easily.

No Attachment To Sales

If you want more of everything, let it goI learned that it is always best to approach ANY sales situation with no attachment, as it makes both parties more comfortable, and it results in better, well, results! No one wants to feel desperate about making a sale, OR pushed to buy something. Now sales is an easy, and most often successful, conversation for me.

Don’t Hold Your Loved Ones Too Tightly

I learned that being too attached to the love of my life is not the most loving and happy way to live. Appreciating him and realizing that I’ll still find a way to be okay if he passes away before me has given us a loving, fun, peaceful and incredible marriage—a marriage filled with gratitude and appreciation and love. A marriage where I truly appreciate the most amazing man in the world, but I also feel capable and powerful as an independent woman.

Breakdown Before The Breakthrough

This may not make sense to many people until they experience the “un-attachments” that I have experienced. They came during periods of great distress, but they created openings and space and peace in my life that couldn’t have been created any other way. I wish you each of these realizations in your own life. Remember that after every breakdown there is a BREAKTHROUGH!


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