Keep Customers Happy With Quality Stage-Specific Processes

Think about your customer processes, during each stage of their buying cycle. Each part of the buying process is important and can directly lead to more sales and a better customer experience.

At a minimum, think about these four processes (and the examples listed), and how you can use them to serve more delighted clients:

  1. First buying experience—You could add them to your database, introduce them to the team, show them around the office and any online programs they may be using, and then mail them a handwritten thank you note (a store recently did this for me, as a first time customer, and I will definitely be back).
  2. Second time buying experience—NOTICE that they’re only coming back for their second time, and show appreciation. Survey the client quickly to ensure that they’re as happy as possible with the experience. Teach them about the second “level” or service that customers tend to purchase after becoming a multiple-time buyer. Ensure they know about your social media channels and anywhere else they could follow you or show loyalty (share your stuff).
  3. Long time buyer—Offer rewards, gifts or thank you cards to show appreciation for their loyalty. These customers are PRICELESS. It costs you a lot to “buy” a new customer with advertising, but to keep a customer happy is the most valuable thing you can achieve.
  4. They haven’t been back in a while—Launch a “we miss you” campaign via email, or handwritten letter. Ask these clients what you could do to win back their business, or how you could be better. Do this in the form of a survey. I have seen many clients come back because the business is simply showing that they care.

Here’s a video with several valuable tips on creating and keeping loyal customers:


Finally, here are some questions to ask yourselves:

  1. What process do you have in place for each of these stages?
  2. Are they the right processes? Will they keep them coming back? Will they turn them into raving fans who send other referrals to your business?
  3. How could you improve them, to ensure that you continue to get their business (hint: client surveys are very helpful here)?


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