It’s All About Accountability

Think about the things in your life that you always show up for. Why do you always show up for those things?

It’s all about accountability.

Someone or something is holding you accountable.

That’s why you show up. That’s why you do the thing.

That’s why you follow through.

Your Accountability Coach

Recently I’ve noticed that several of my clients have been getting amazing results from coaching, in spite of the fact that they don’t complete all of the assignments I’ve given them. I had a conversation with a few of them and asked, “How are you improving your business so much if you only attend coaching meetings with me, and do very little outside of the sessions?”Coaching is a key component of accountability

One person told me the accountability is his favourite part of coaching. Knowing he will see me every week keeps him accountable and focused on the right things—working ON his business instead of in it. He also said he learns so much about leadership during our sessions that he is a more effective leader which makes the business better.

Another person said that the work we get done together during our sessions has made massive improvements in her life and her business, and that she LOVES coming to see me because it keeps her motivated and accountable.

Effective leadership requires accountability, as explained by Brandon Hall in this blog. Coaching can create that accountability, having far-reaching effects on your company!

The Number One Most Valuable Part Of Coaching—Accountability

Also, when we’ve surveyed clients over the years, accountability always comes up as the number one most valuable part of coaching—someone teaching you and then holding you accountable to do the things that improve your business.

Accountability in Other Areas of Your Life

I think you could use this accountability piece in a lot of areas of your life—business and personal!

For example, you could get a trainer and make appointments to work out. I know that’s the only reason I drag my butt to the gym four times a week!

In your business, you could have an accountability partner to make sure that YOU hit your goals (yes you, the boss, needs Key Performance Indicators too)!

Here’s a video explaining how accountability as a leader creates a snowball effect that makes everything else in your business more effective:

Get a Great Coach!

And of course, my favourite way to use accountability as a tool for success: get a great coach.


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