It Doesn’t Matter If The Customer Is Right, You Must Serve Your Customers

I know you’ve dealt with a customer who was just the worst. We all have. And I’m here to let you know that I sympathize, I get it, and… it doesn’t matter if they’re right or wrong. Your business exists to serve your customers.

The bar is incredibly low for customer service, as noted in this TEDx video:

Your goals matter, your values matter, your culture statement matters, your mission statement matters, your vision matters, your team matters, your brand matters, your family matters, and the list goes on. But it doesn’t matter if a customer is right or wrong. To achieve all of the things you’ve ever wanted, you need to follow the saying, “The customer is always right.”

You don’t know what your customers are dealing with; you don’t know if there is a good reason for this customer to be so crabby today, so give them the benefit of the doubt. Do what you can to serve your customers, instead of getting mad at them for not being a happy, satisfied, easy customer.

To further illustrate the point, here’s an article on 10 Tips on how to serve your customers (and your business).

Let Me Tell You A Story…

To help you feel better about the incredibly annoying thing I just told you, let me share a paradigm-shifting story with you.

Picture this—you’re driving down the highway with your family, driving the speed limit of course, and some crazy person goes ripping by you on the shoulder going at least 175km per hour. You are angry. You are blown away. You think, “What a bleeping idiot! If I get my hands on that guy…”

Then 20 minutes later when you stop for gas YOU SEE THAT GUY! He is furiously paying for and pumping gas and seems to be in an incredible rush. You go up to him and start to try to give him a piece of your mind, because after all, he’s a “bleeping idiot,” right?Always look for ways to serve your customers better

You wouldn’t know this otherwise, but I have an insider secret: this man was trying to get to a hospital six hours from where you both are before his wife and baby died from a rare condition that sometimes happens to expectant moms and their babies. The doctor had told him he didn’t have much time.

Practice Compassion

Do you still feel like reading this guy the riot act? Or do you feel like trying to help him clear the highway so that he can get to his family as soon as humanly possible?

I thought so. Now you have compassion. Now you don’t hate him. Now you don’t care so much about making him wrong, because it doesn’t matter. Now you want to help him, like you want to help all of your customers.

I want you to know that the mom and beautiful little baby both not only survived but are all healthy and happy today.

Have a week filled with compassion, intention and purpose. Focus on what matters.


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