Is “Hire Slow, Fire Fast” Uncaring and Insensitive?

There will be times when you discover an employee is not “on board” with what you’re trying to do. The vision, brand, and culture you develop in your organization is so important to protect. If you have an employee who will not support the mission and vision — they need to be liberated to go find a place of employment that better fits with their values. So, “hire slow, fire fast”, uncaring and insensitive? Or, best for everyone?

At first, it seems so hard to “fire” someone. You have horrible thoughts of the scenario: It will be hard. They might cry. They might yell. They might even throw their keys at you (this happened to me). BUT, if you liberate someone because they are not a good fit it is what’s best for the company, and for the employee.

For two reasons, getting fired can be positive for an employee. First of all, if they don’t agree with where the business is heading, they will not be happy there. Second, sometimes people who treat others badly, and aren’t a team player, don’t even understand that they are that way. They need to be fired to realize “wow, maybe I need to look at myself here.” If they just blame the company and don’t look inside, that is their loss, but at least you’re giving them the opportunity to become a better person and employee, somewhere else down the road.

The CULTURE in your organization must be guarded fiercely: if you want people to be treated with kindness and respect you must not accept any less. You must only hire people who fit with your culture, share your values, and believe in your mission. And you MUST fire people who are not on the same page.

We know this can be one of the hardest parts of running a company, but you must try to see the positives: it’s a chance for the employee to grow, and your company culture will be preserved.

Lastly, remember the term “hire slow, fire fast.” Here’s a great article by Harvard Business Review, explaining the two sides of the phrase, hire slow, fire fast. This how we preserve our business and our success. We slowly hire individuals so we have time to make sure they are a great fit with the culture, and we quickly liberate people who are not getting on board.

Make sure to follow Alberta Employment Standards (or the employment standards set in the area where you reside) in any disciplinary situation, especially termination as there are several important laws to follow.

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