Intentional Management: The Best Competitive Advantage

During the COVID-19 pandemic there have been so many people scared, hurt, upset, angry, or worse. There have been so many people not putting their best selves forward. There have been so many business owners who have not been showing up as the best leaders and providing intentional management—which creates a less-than-optimal customer experience, because management sets the tone for everything at your business.

Seeking Out People Who Live Intentionally

I’ve been very intentional lately about spending time with people who are living intentional lives. They are intentionally kind, they are intentionally calm, they are intentionally in good health. This is amazing to me because we are all facing several difficult things in our lives during the pandemic. Plus, you know, all of the other hard stuff that comes along with living life!

What Is Intentional Living?

Per, “To live intentionally means learning how to make better decisions for you. It means choosing to live in a manner that aligns with your sense of self and your sense of purpose — and above all it means finding meaning in the chaos that is modern living.”

The Power Of Creating Happiness

I was having lunch with a particularly beautiful soul (a great leader) last week and she was talking excitedly, exuberantly really, about the culture she’s building in her newest business venture. I almost shed a tear I was so inspired. She is a very self-aware person, and I’m sure if you ask her where the culture in an organization comes from she would intelligently tell you “the leadership,” but I am 100% sure she does not know the incredible power she wields.

She is building something so magnificent, people are HAPPY at work, people LOVE coming to work, people WANT to hang out at staff events after hours (with no pay), and sales—well I am sure you have guessed they are out of this world. During this pandemic.

Thriving In The Pandemic

The truth is there are several people out there thriving. There are several businesses out there doing BETTER than last year, despite or even because of the pandemic (or because of strategic pivots for the COVID-19 pandemic).

Every single one of these companies is being led by someone creating the intentional management advantage. They are intentional about the way they show up in the world for others—particularly their team leaders. And the team leaders are intentionally showing up for their teams, and so on. These companies are providing excellent products and services because the PEOPLE ARE HAPPY. PEOPLE FEEL GOOD. THIS COMES FROM INTENTIONAL LEADERSHIP.

Here’s an article on Six Ways To Become An Intentional Leader. Intentional Management will make your business stronger

Happy People = Competitive Advantage

These companies have created an absolutely beautiful competitive advantage—their PEOPLE!!!! Their CULTURE!!! Their GOOD FEELING!!!! Their people feeling good is what makes their businesses excellent.

Intentional Management Advantage–Hard To Copy

The great news is that the intentional management advantage is incredibly hard to copy right now for the average company. As we said, the average person is consumed by the negative, getting in fights on social media, or just being lackadaisical about the way they show up as a leader.

Never A Better Time To Be An Intentional Leader

There has never been a better time to show up as the leader you know you can be, create that happy, feel-good environment, and enjoy the intentional management advantage and all of the fruits that come with it. Plus… YOU WILL FEEL GOOD!!! YOUR PEOPLE WILL FEEL GOOD!!! YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL FEEL GOOD!!!

And truthfully, you want the things you want in your life because you think having them will make you feel good. Why not make feeling good the goal, the method, and the end result?

Feel Good Now

Feel good now. Pass that on. It will create a competitive advantage and great success for you in EVERY area of your life, not only in your business. You get to choose. You get to set the tone. You get to create the culture. You get to enjoy the success. Start today!!


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Business can be better™ and it should be!

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