Improve Your Work Environment, Improve Your Productivity

Working in a negative environment can affect the quality of your work. Having a work space that is inviting and well set up for your job will not only make your experience better, but you’ll also be more productive!

Being able to focus on the task at hand is critical to being at your most productive. Detailed studies show that the key factor in being able to focus is your workplace itself. If your work space isn’t helping you perform focus-critical tasks, it is making you less productive and it is hurting your business!

It is important to make sure you have a work space that allows you to focus and has a minimum of distractions. has these suggestions:

Infographic courtesy of Rayno Window Film

If you simply follow these great tips, you should see a significant improvement in your work space!

For a more in-depth analysis, has 15 ways to improve your workspace and your productivity:

Lighting—Use natural lighting whenever possible and bring in lamps for cloudy days or when the sun is down.

Chair and Table—Make sure you have a good ergonomic work station with computer screen at or below your eye level, feet flat on the floor (or foot rest) and seat in a slightly reclined position for maximum comfort.

Clutter—Clutter causes stress so it is important to keep things tidy. This also allows you to more efficiently find things when you need them!

Room Colour—Having some blue in your office makes you more productive. If you can paint a wall or add some pictures, this will help create a welcoming space.

Room Temperature—A warmer room is better for productivity. But don’t make it so warm that it makes people drowsy!

Room Scents—Aromas such as pine and cinnamon can help you focus and feel more alert. Consider adding an air freshener to your environment. But keep it subtle—some people are very sensitive to strong scents.

Noise Level—Noise can be very distracting and can cause stress, not to mention that there are occupational exposure limits for noise as well. Try to limit noisy activities or isolate them. Noise cancelling devices can also help, as can careful design of your work space, with noise absorbing materials and baffles.

Adding a plant and lots of natural light to your office will boost productivity.

Air Quality—Poor air quality can cause poor productivity and even illness. Make sure your air system is properly filtering the air, open windows if you can to let fresh air in, and maybe get a plant to naturally filter the air and deliver fresh oxygen to the space.

Different Spaces—If you can, having different spaces around your office to work in can shift your point of view and re-emergize your brain, making you more productive!

Organization of People—Don’t be afraid to experiment with different staff arrangements in the office to put people working on the same project or goal together.

Idea Storage—Make sure you have note pads, white boards, etc. available to jot down the next big idea as you’re working on another project. This allows you to come back to the idea later without taking you off your current task.

Refreshment—Your body needs to be nourished to keep your brain working at its best so remember to have some healthy snacks available to keep you properly fuelled over the course of the day.

Bring in Nature—As noted above, bring a plant into your work space. Or at least get some pictures of nature to stimulate your mind. And don’t forget to take a walk outdoors at lunch!

Digital Space—If you spend a lot of your time on your computer, make sure that time is spent in the best possible way by keeping your digital environment as free from distractions as possible.


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