I Absolutely Lost It Last Week. Thank Goodness I Have A Perfect Team!

My mom has been telling me forever that “no one is perfect.” Yet somehow, it took me 37 years to really get that I will never be perfect. This realization came on the heels of me having a temper tantrum in front of my leadership team last week. Yes, I’m talking a real-live-toddler-kind-of-tantrum.

That’s exactly how I felt afterward actually, like an ashamed child. I of course apologized quickly and wholeheartedly, and soon after while reflecting on my behavior, I realized, “Oh my goodness, I may not be perfect, but I’ve surrounded myself with the perfect team!”Surround yourself with a perfect team who will challenge you

Perfectly Humane Humans

My team is not perfect in the sense that you’re probably thinking; we are all flawed human beings. But they are perfectly gracious, perfectly loving, perfectly kind, perfectly understanding, perfectly non-judgemental, perfectly supportive, perfectly intelligent and creative, and perfectly forgiving.

Here is an article on How To Build the Perfect Team.

Your Team Can Hold You Up When You Let Yourself Down

Since you are a business owner like me, even if you only have one business, there will be times where you are overwhelmed and maybe even angry. There will be times where you forget things. There will be times where you drop the ball. But being surrounded by the “perfect team” will ensure that you still have an incredible business and life.

This video describes how Google figured out how to create the perfect team:

I sure hope my team reads this email because the gratitude I have for them is so profound it brings me to tears.


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