How To Lose Fewer Customers In One Word: Feedback

I will start today with a disclaimer because I am absolutely NOT perfect. However, I am WILLING to be better, and often times that involves asking for feedback. Feedback is the key when it comes to how to lose fewer customers.

Here’s a video on the importance of feedback:

How To Lose Fewer Customers—Staff Feedback

You need to know if your staff are happy, fulfilled, and excited about the future with you! If they’re not, they won’t be keeping your customers happy, and working together will not be amazing (it should be!) for any of you. Also, turnover is one of the biggest “hidden” costs I see in struggling businesses. (It’s only hidden because people don’t investigate it, though—have a look at your downtime, recruitment, hiring, and training costs if you want some insights here!)

How To Lose Fewer Customers—Ideal Customer Feedback

I’m not telling you to ask every customer for feedback because some customers are not ideal, and you only need to ask for the feedback that matters to you. Surveying your ideal customers to find out how happy they are, whether or not they would recommend you to their family and friends, if there’s something else they wish you provided for them, and what would have them choose a competitor over you will provide incredible insight into your business and spell out your next steps to improving your business.

Just remember to look at trends, not just individual responses. If only one out of 100 wants you to start offering an additional service, don’t do it, OR get a bigger sample and then decide. If you don’t have thousands of ideal customers, you can use secondary research, or survey people who could be ideal customers in the future!Feedback is the key to losing fewer customers

For more information on this, here’s an article on the value on getting feedback from clients/clients who are thinking of leaving.

How To Lose Fewer Customers—Partner/Stakeholder Feedback

It is imperative to get the opinions of your partners and other stakeholders. If your partner, manager, or other key person does not support you, think you’re amazing, and love to work with you, there is room for improvement! A lot of times challenges can be solved with more clear roles and goals, so keep that in mind.

Thank you for being the best kind of leader—someone open to feedback and learning. You may not realize how rare you are, or how well this serves you and everyone in your life, but I do. You are making a powerful impact in the lives of your friends, families, customers, and employees, I promise you.


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Business can be better™ and it should be!

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