How to “Lock It In” To Maximize Your Learning

You can learn how to improve your marketing and sales, get awesome results from your team, achieve great results in your business and your financials, but if you don’t SYSTEMIZE THE THINGS YOU LEARN, your awesome results won’t last.

Let’s talk about how you can “Lock It In” so that you get the very best results!

1. Learn the System & Decide to LOCK IT IN (Systemize it)

One great system we put in place with every business is an excellent marketing plan, with many important pieces. We will talk about ONE of those pieces (systems) here. Part of the marketing plan includes executing on marketing activities and then reviewing your monthly marketing KPIs: CPC, CPL, Conversion rate and ROI.

2. Assign the OUTCOMES You want to Achieve from the System by Adding them as KPIs on Someone’s Job Description

For example, Sally is responsible to convert 50% of all leads that come into the business. Bob (who buys marketing and monitors social media) is responsible for EFFECTIVE and PROFITABLE marketing spendings, so he must achieve an appropriately low cost per lead and customer, and a positive (the more positive the better) ROI on all of his marketing spends. These are their KPIs and you must review their GOAL and their ACTUAL numbers with them (at minimum) each month for the best results. You will be BLOWN away by how much simply tracking and reviewing these numbers with your people improves your results, and ultimately your bottom line, if it is systemized, and done consistently. 


If you know me at all, you know this is a non-negotiable part of systemizing your business. Schedule the tracking and review of the numbers, and schedule the coaching session where the employee sees their numbers. These two things are going to dramatically improve your marketing effectiveness and your bottom line, if you DO THEM EVERY MONTH.

If it fits in your calendar, it fits in your life!

Even better, in structure, you’ll find freedom, because you will be getting the great results you want from your systems, and putting more and more FUN things into that calendar!

*Note: if you are the entrepreneurial/creative/easily distracted person in your business you do NOT want to assign these KPIs to yourself! Assign them to people who like to follow rules, and use a calendar, and basically just be awesome employees. 😉

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Business can be better™ and it should be!

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