How To Get Better At Online Marketing!

Even though I have an MBA, we all know online marketing is a whole other (and constantly changing) game.

That’s why my team and I are always learning and paying for the world’s best new online marketing courses, masterminds, and coaching. I am committed to spending thousands of dollars each month so that we can be the experts you need to help you achieve your dreams! Remember those dreams you had, before March 2020? LET’S GET BACK TO THOSE!!!!

What Are Your Goals? Dream Big!

For any of this to work, you have to know what your goals and dreams are. Is it sitting on a beach? Is it being free to easily pay for houses, cars, your kids’ education, or amazing trips? Whatever it is, DECIDE and WRITE THEM DOWN.

Now, we’re going to take your big, personal dream goals and achieve them with your business. Along with providing amazing products or services to your highly valued clients, that’s what your business is for!! BUSINESS CAN BE BETTER AND IT SHOULD BE!!!!!

Your marketing Goals (or OBJECTIVES) should be the first piece of ANY and EVERY marketing plan. They should be big, exciting goals, that are achievable through marketing and sales.

Write these goals down. Everywhere. Review them daily. Imagine yourself achieving them, and then the next ones.

Tell everyone what your goals are. Break the goals down into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your team. You are GOING to achieve your dreams this year. I won’t have it any other way if you’re going to be rolling with us!

One Online Marketing Tip Per Week

Now, down to business. I’ve been hearing from a lot of our online clients lately that they feel OVERWHELMED, especially with online marketing.Online marketing via social media is critical to boost your sales.

We’re going to fix this. You are going to learn ONE online marketing tip each week, for most of the foreseeable Mondays. (I will mix it up a bit, don’t worry.) Each tip builds on the next, so be sure to implement what I teach you each week.

Learning Is Great, But You Have To Actually Do These Things

I will challenge you to implement the one piece of education this week, before the next one comes seven days later, and so on. This way you will be able to get the best results, and achieve your goals and dreams!

Implementation is the KEY here. You need to learn it, try it, see that it works (or tweak and try again), and teach it to someone else on your team so that you REALLY learn it. Then, next week, one more piece. Easy? Maybe not, but simple, if you follow the plan.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Online Marketing

Over the next few months I want to focus more on helping you learn online marketing. I know it’s one of your “most SCARY challenges” right now, but it doesn’t have to be.

It is learnable. Trust me, I’ve been learning it for years!!!

Video. Video, Video, Video.

Here’s your first incredibly simple lesson: do more video! Video is many, MANY more times engaging than the other forms of content. And, you do NOT have to be an expert to do it! Just get on there, share your message and how you can help people, and do it as often as possible (at least once a day).

*Don’t forget the LINK in your posts. “Link to what?” you ask. Whatever it is you want from them: their email (an opt-in page), their purchase from you (your online store), or to fill out a lead form on your site like “request a quote.”

You can film on Zoom, YouTube, or just your phone! You don’t need fancy equipment, or your own make-up and hair people. Just do MORE video.

*Remember in every post to link to something you want to sell, or an opt-in page (where you get their email/contact information). People like to buy from people and they’re interested in seeing you on video!

You will see an increase in your organic following and your sales if you do this consistently this year.

For a little further information, here’s an article with 37 points about video online marketing.

Get this into your calendar, and however many you’re currently doing, DO MORE VIDEO. And remember that only roughly two to six percent of your followers even SEE your video! Hint: this is a warm up, and will help you build towards much greater results, but you have to start here.Business Can Be Better Podcast

One more thing: almost 100 percent of scrollers are watching things on silent, so make sure to caption your videos!

Speaking of video, here I am with Lane Anderson from London Road Media talking marketing in a video podcast.

Any Requests From The Crowd?

I am also taking requests: if you’d like to comment this blog or send me an email with your biggest marketing struggle or question, I’ll try to get ALL of your topics covered!

With gratitude and excitement for your new online marketing skills and the resulting growth you’ll experience,


PS I am not perfect, and I’ll be accepting this challenge along with you every week! Let’s do it!


If you need more help on how to get better at online marketing, contact TMH Business Coaching and Consulting today for a confidential, free, no-obligation consultation to propel you forward. Also, please feel free to add yourself to our weekly coaching tips email!

Business can be better™ and it should be!

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