How Sales Became Effortless For Me… And How They Can For You, Too.

Have you ever felt nervous or awkward during a sales conversation? I know I used to, and so many of my clients have also expressed this same frustration or embarrassment. Sales became effortless for me, and they can become effortless for you, too.

Selling is a HUGE PART of business! So, fortunately, over the last 21 years, I’ve been running and coaching businesses to great success and profit, and I’ve learned to shift my paradigm completely. I’m going to help you shift yours, and your team’s as well! Bring on the sales! Bring on the increased revenue!!!


Now, instead of feeling awkward or nervous, while I’m selling, I feel excited and confident. You can feel this way too — starting NOW.

These three things have completely shifted my paradigm from “selling” to “serving,” and I know they will work for you too.

1. Huge Benefits to Our Customers From Using Our Products/Services

The first thing that really contributed to my awesome paradigm shift was realizing that every SINGLE business we’ve worked with has experienced EXPONENTIAL benefits from our products/services, including increased profit, revenue, employee morale and goal achievement, increased marketing ROI, confidence, cash flow, and much, much more. And that is JUST the coaching business!

Our clients get GREAT RESULTS that are SO MUCH BIGGER AND BETTER than the amount of money they invest in our products and/or services, so I feel AWESOME about giving clients the opportunity to invest and benefit.

In fact, I feel as though I’ve done some people a disservice by NOT telling them what some of our companies can do for them!! Let them choose! Make sure they know!!!

I KNOW that what we offer our clients (in every single business) is THE BEST thing they could possibly invest in, and that makes all the difference. *This is a huge key —***Make sure this is true for you and your team!***

2. Be Authentic and Have Your Clients’ Best Interests At Heart

I learned to create my own three “rules” for sales. Actually, I also refer to “sales” as “serving,” not “sales.” Steal all of this if it works for you, please! And share it with ANYONE who sells (serves) for you!!

My first rule: ALWAYS BE AUTHENTIC. It’s awkward for all parties involved if you are not yourself. If you aren’t confident in what you’re selling and confident in the results your clients will achieve using your product or service, get more training! You have to KNOW your product or service, and you have to know it will benefit the client HUGELY. If your product or service isn’t providing exponential benefits — MAKE IT BETTER!

Once you’re confident that what you’re selling is exponentially more valuable to the client than the price you’re charging them, you’ll feel authentic and confident serving it to them – sales will become effortless for you. In fact, you’ll probably feel the same guilt I do when I miss out on the opportunity to tell someone what we have that could HELP THEM SO MUCH!!!!

My second rule: ALWAYS HAVE THEIR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART. This means that you make MOST IMPORTANT the needs and best interests of the person you are potentially serving or selling to. This means that you always feel GREAT about selling it to them, and if you don’t feel like your product or service is the best thing for them, you send them somewhere else that would be better for them.

Yes, I just told you to send potential clients somewhere else — if you are not the best option or solution for them.

Trust me, when you have (a) business(es) FULL of IDEAL CLIENTS with whom you ARE the perfect match, you will be saying “YES, KELLI, YES!!!”  Or, “Yes KR! Yes!” as some of my favourite humans call me 😉 Remember this: not every potential client is ideal, and not every potential sale is what’s best for the potential client. Always do what’s best for that potential client (and it will end up being what’s best for you, too).

3. Seek Expert Mentorship and Training

My third secret to EFFORTLESS SALES & REVENUE is to seek expert mentorship and training: in the past, I identified my areas of opportunity (one used to be sales) and then sought specific, talented, world-renowned mentors and coaches who could help me. Although I have attended hundreds of training events, seminars, group coaching sessions, and other online training programs, I’ve also worked ONE ON ONE with the world’s best. This is by far the BEST way to learn. To name just two of many (my personal favourites):

– Kim Orlesky: The Sales Unicorn Coach. Here is a fantastic video with Kim Orlesky.

– Brendon Burchard (the world’s best online coach & salesperson).

These two taught me so much about sales, but if I had to pick the MOST important thing it would have to be that your sales processes have to have a structure, a procedure, and certain non-negotiable elements to them.

So there you have it. This is how I went from “uncomfortable & awkward” during sales to “excited, confident and eager to share our offerings” with potential clients – sales became effortless for me.

PLEASE SHARE YOUR SUCCESSES WITH US after you implement these! Wishing you the best sales week and month OF YOUR LIFETIME!!!!


Kelli-Rae Tamaki, MBA

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We can’t wait to help you 🙂

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

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