How to help your ideal clients realize they want to work with you!

You’ve seen the grocery store shelves, scrolled through product after product on Amazon, and had the tough decision of picking one of the endless choices of restaurants for dinner – regardless of what you are shopping for, there is an endless amount of choices. Unfortunately, your ideal clients also have this overwhelming and unlimited amount of choices! Let us help you, help your ideal clients realize they want to work with you! 

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Being clear on what makes you different and better than your competition is SUPER IMPORTANT to your customers and to your BOTTOM LINE!!! This means figuring out and exploiting your USP is very important. 

Barry Schwartz wrote the Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less – which basically tells us that giving consumers LESS options can greatly reduce their anxiety. Studies show that having too many choices can make it impossible for people to choose anything! 

It would be ideal if we could reduce the number of competitors we have, or even the number of options out there for our ideal clients, but this just isn’t possible. THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS. No matter what industry you’re in.

How do we stand out and connect with our ideal clients or customers when they have SO MANY CHOICES?

  1. We figure out what’s MOST IMPORTANT TO THEM about our product/service.
  2. We position ourselves and our products/services correctly with our branding.
  3. We show customers why and how we are the best choice for them. 
  4. We show them how we are better than our competitors’ products/services.
  5. We have a truly unique selling proposition, and one that’s important to our ideal clients

This means we have to have something truly UNIQUE and APPEALING about us, that entices our ideal customers to choose US over the myriad of other choices out there. We have to have an amazing USP!

How do we figure out what’s important to our ideal customers?

  1. We ask them! Try focus groups, in person when they purchase, or online as a drop-down-menu-question before they check out… get creative!
  2. We survey them.
  3. We read their comments on social platforms.
  4. We watch our most successful competitors (for example by using Video Ad Vault – which lets you search all of your competitors’ ads/videos/landing pages) and observe the things they offer as a solution to your ideal customers’ problems. Ads with millions of views obviously have something captivating or people wouldn’t be watching them (for more than 30 seconds!)

ideal clients

So, now that we know what’s important to our ideal customers…..

How do we figure out what our USP is?

We have developed a Competitive Analysis that helps us and our clients answer 3 questions. There will be more than one answer so make sure you do your research and determine;  

  1. What is important to our ideal clients? Don’t forget to think about the MOST important characteristics of your product or service (in your ideal customers’ eyes).
  2. What we are really great at? Figure out what your company does SO WELL that it is obvious to everyone that you are the BEST in that area.
  3. What our competitors are NOT great at? Honestly, you’re going to be looking at what your competitors are truly terrible at. 

The magic is in finding ONE answer that is the same for all three questions.

You can also use a traditional SWOT analysis to figure out your strengths and weakness, and the opportunities and threats in the market place. We prefer our method because it produces the best results!

How to make your USP truly unique so your ideal clients know they need you!

There’s one more thing you need to consider when choosing your unique selling proposition. How hard would it be for a competitor – or a new business – to copy your USP? Could they easily mimic or recreate your USP, and therefore make it NOT unique?


So, knowing that your ideal customers have a TON of options when they’re looking for a product or service you sell, you MUST get clear on your USP, make sure it’s different and BETTER than your competitors’, that it’s hard if not impossible to copy, and communicate that to them!

Business can be better™ and it should be!

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