Get More Completed in Less Time

To get MORE completed in LESS time, and improve your relationships, simply cut out this one behavior!

Being constantly distracted these days is a given. Our phones, computers, and REAL LIVE PEOPLE need our attention—constantly. These distractions are KILLING YOUR PRODUCTIVITY!!!!! You could literally quadruple your output if you cut out (or at least minimized) distractions during your workday.

I have no idea when people call, text or email me. It’s blissful! I check my messages five times per day and ONLY during those scheduled times. Do you know how freeing it is to wake up, shut off my alarm and NOT SEE THE 169 messages I received since the evening before? SO FREEING!!!!!

Wait… let’s think about this for a moment. Do they REALLY NEED our attention? No, they don’t, at least not right that red hot minute! Now I know you might be starting to panic.

Please don’t stop reading! I will get you through this!!! Remember that coaching will often make you uncomfortable because you are GROWING!! Yay you! 

Our notifications are driving us to the point of breaking sometimes. If we are on the verge of a breakdown, we are NOT AS EFFECTIVE or PRESENT as we could be. This means your business is missing out, and so are your loved ones. 

As if our phones weren’t enough we now have WATCHES on our BODIES, buzzing and beeping and DEMANDING our attention! I’m going to challenge you to stop that. I know a lot of you are parents and I am not. I acknowledge that as a weakness of mine—not being able to put myself in your shoes exactly. Additionally, I urge you to get more creative in these situations (which ARE important!)

Let’s work through an example of how this could work for parents:
Your kids are in care during the day, and you want to be reachable at all times. Could you have your family members, or people who take care of your children, call the office if there is something urgent? The office staff can come into your office and grab you when it’s important.

If it’s not important, they can send a text (which will be seen when you DECIDE to check your texts and emails).

This, my friend, is just one more example of one of the greatest things I ever learned! In structure, you WILL find freedom. When you can do more deep, focused work, you will get SO MUCH MORE DONE, in less time!

People may need some time to adjust, so let them all know what you’re doing and WHY. Chances are they are a big supporter of your WHY and your MISSION and they will also be happy to have you happier and more productive!

With new people, set up expectations from the get-go: let them know that you only check your notifications when you DECIDE to, not when your watch decides to give you a little BZZZZZ!


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Business can be better™ and it should be!

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

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