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Online Business Assessment


The TMH Business Assessment was designed to help you identify your business’s strengths and areas needing improvement.

By answering the ten simple questions, you’ll receive a score for your business and gain immediate recommendations, based on Kelli-Rae's 22 years of experience and education, to propel your business to the next level!

10 Minute Monthly Scorecard

We came up with these top 6 categories by selecting the MOST IMPACTFUL LEVERS we have found, in all of our clients’ businesses. There are more numbers you can look at, but we wanted to find you the TOP, MOST POWERFUL numbers. If you only have 10 minutes per month, looking at these numbers will make the most positive difference in your business. 


Our Youtube Channel has a ton of informative videos on financial mastery, effective sales and marketing & inspiring and compelling leadership!


This is a 45ish minute bi-weekly podcast that helps business owners with marketing, sales, financials, HR, and leadership. One of many FREE contributions Kelli-Rae participates in as part of our mission to improve business success rates!