Focus On The Things That Matter

Do You Focus On the Negative?

Do you ever feel caught up in thinking about something frustrating or negative? Do you ever worry about what other people say about you? Especially when it’s unkind? I bet that makes you feel frustrated and negative! I know I feel that way when I’m focusing on the wrong things. Every day has opportunities to look for negative things, or look for positive things—your choice will affect how you live your life.

One of our greatest powers as leaders in business is to control our focus. You have no control over what other people are thinking or doing. Instead of thinking about what others think—go get your goals! Go get up to really great big things! Focus on the right things—the things that matter!

Choose Your Focus!

What you zero in on creates how you feel, so choose wisely! Choose to focus on the love you feel for your family, how cute your kids are, how awesome your goals are, how excited you are about something coming up, how beautiful your spouse looks in this moment, how amazing that flower smells right now, how much you’ve increased your profit since last year, how adorable your puppy dog is, or anything else that makes you smile and feel good.

Here’s a video by Peter Sage on How to Focus on What Really Matters in Life:

Spend Your Life Wisely

Choose not to focus on the things that aggravate you, frustrate you, make you mad, or feel just awful! We only have so many minutes that we are alive—spend them wisely! Focus on the things that matter.

For further help, have a read of this article from on How To Focus On What Matters In Life—And Stop Wasting Time.



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