Everything We’ve Been Taught About Problem Solving Is Wrong

Over the past few years I’ve been experimenting with a new technique for problem solving. I’ve taken my attention away from the problem instead of focusing on it. I’ve forced myself to think about other things that feel good easily to me.

I’ve disciplined myself to focus only on the things that make me feel good. This strategy has brought me more success in the last two years than my entire life previous to that.

Ignore Your Problems and They Will Go Away!

My (and probably your) old way of thinking sometimes tells me that this cannot be right. The voice is my head is exclaiming, “Are you kidding? You think it will just go away if you ignore it? What kind of mumbo jumbo is this? You have a master’s degree in business! You’re a problem solver! Look at this problem!”Think Positive

But the evidence I’ve been collecting over the past few years tells me that this new way of focusing (taught to me by my incredibly successful and wise mentors) WORKS. Not only that, but it’s a much happier way to go about running a business. You will see an increase in success, happiness, and joy in every person involved in your business when you adopt this.

More Joy = More Profit

You know by now, if you’ve been following my content at all, that more joy = more profit. The happier you get, the more successful you get. This is an absolute truth you can count on. You, your clients, staff, partners and anyone else involved will absolutely thrive as you do this.

I know that in order to let this in, you will have to try it for yourself, and you will not be disappointed, I promise you.

You Know, That Guy, From That Movie

For now, one small example that may help you relate to how well this works is this: you know when you’re trying really hard to think of an actor’s name, but you just can’t seem to grab it from your brain? Then, you let it go, and move onto other things and it just magically pops into your head? That’s a small example of releasing the negative energy you’re putting into solving a problem, and having the answer just “come to you.”

Focus on the Positive

Applying this to problems in our business works JUST like that. If you can constantly redirect your attention and your energy to what IS working, and the goals you DO want to achieve, your problems will “magically” disappear. Taking your attention away from your problems will not make them worse; by focusing on the positive drivers instead, you will have the problems literally disappear.

This article talks about focussing on the positive: “When trying to solve a problem, we tend to focus on the negative. But sometimes focussing on the positive is much more productive.”

For a some more ideas on problem solving, here’s a video to help you get a better idea of how we can solve problems better:

I can’t wait to hear about the success this brings you! It has been absolutely magical for me and my husband, my partner, and my teams, and I am so excited to see what it does for you.


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