How to Create Your Most Magnificent Mission Statement

Here are my 4 rules for creating & maximizing your MOST MAGNIFICENT MISSION statement…

1. Make it simple, clear, concise and SHORT

Here’s how to do it: use big white paper or a white board, and make 3 sections: what, how and why. Under each section, give yourself a MAXIMUM of 2 words to describe each. Your WHAT, is just that, WHAT YOU DO. Your HOW is the way in which you do the what. Your WHY, is SO important, and it’s the reason you continue to do this business, the reason you started this business, and the compelling reason that keeps you getting up in the morning.

2. Get your team on board with it

Whether your team helps you create it or not (if they do, remember TWO WORDS MAX per section), they need to LOVE it and feel COMPELLED by it. Getting your team’s approval is KEY in making this work for your business. Remember that people support what they help to create so if it works to involve them, DO IT! If not, present it with as much enthusiasm as possible and incorporate their thoughts and feelings wherever possible.

3. Put it everywhere!

Share your mission statement proudly on your website, in your location, with your team, in your manuals, heck, stencil it on your wall! This statement is a succinct and brilliant way of describing WHAT you do, the WAY you do it, and WHY. These are the things everyone needs to know to be in love with your brand, and stay happy team members and customers.

4. Use it to make decisions

Keep your mission statement in mind when you are making business decisions. You now have a beautiful guiding statement that can help you make decisions that are in line with your values and goals. Ask yourself “does this fit with our mission?” before making decisions. It should also help you to create clear culture statements for your team, and your environment. The way you do things around there, should be summed up in a set of culture statements, that everyone knows (and sees) as often as your mission statement, and the mission statement can help you craft those very important statements!

You’re amazing. Make your mission statement amazing. Make your business amazing.

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Business can be better™ and it should be!

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

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