Effective Marketing Plan Workshop

Does Your Marketing Lack Focus?

You are not alone!

Many business owners spend time and money on marketing without a clear plan. You might be doing some social media here and running an ad there, or writing a blog here and hoping for referrals there.

The books and blogs and social media tips don't help either, because you feel as though there are a thousand things you're supposed to be doing to market your business. But where do you start?

Create a Clear and Strategic Marketing Plan

Imagine having a binder or folder made specifically for your business with a complete marketing plan that details everything you need to know for when, how, why, and where to market.

That's what we will create together.

I could sell you a pre-made marketing plan but your business, your market, your location, your competitors, and you are unique. Instead let me guide you through this marketing workshop so that step-by-step you can create your company-specific marketing plan.

When complete, you'll feel confident about your marketing. You'll have so much clarity about how to market your business and you'll be able to see consistent results.

Remember, Business Can Be Better™ and it Should Be!

What's included

When you enrol in the Effective Marketing Plan Workshop, you will receive everything you need to create a transformative and systemized marketing plan for your business, no matter what industry you are in.

Step-by-step instruction from Kelli-Rae

38 actionable videos

20 downloadable worksheets, checklists, and cheat sheets

Access to the online course material whenever you need it

Hear From Business Owners I've Helped

“Kelli-Rae has helped us reach a potential that we knew was possible but didn't know how to achieve. And now we have surpassed what we thought was possible.”

- Shawn H.

“This is by far the best business decision I have ever made. Kelli-Rae and her team are caring and really want to help everyone succeed.”

- Jamie B.

"Kelli-Rae makes you think - really think! TMH workshops inspire you to make positive changes. Kelli-Rae's knowledge can help you improve your business."

- Wendy H.

“Kelli-Rae has made an incredible, positive impact in our family business. In one year we have made significant changes to our company that have increased employee morale, customer satisfaction, and profitability.”

- Whitney I.