Coronavirus: Be a TRUE LEADER When it Matters Most

NOW is the time the world needs you to be a true leader.

If you’re reading this blog, I know that to your core, you are a true leader. I also know you may be scared about this pandemic and how it will affect your loved ones, your business, and your life; I have definitely had moments of fear too. However, I have also had many moments of hope and insight. I have seen people helping and serving others. These people are true leaders.

Stop the Fear-Mongering!

When you look at the credible statistics you will see that although the risks of coronavirus are still much lower than other things we’ve experienced in the world, the MENTIONS of the pandemic are TRIPLE that of other disasters/diseases that have harmed or killed exponentially more people. PLEASE JOIN ME IN STOPPING THE FEAR MONGERING.

Set an Example of True Leadership

Now is the time we need true leaders like you to step up and be the example. We need you to set an example for your friends and families, your teams, your customers, and everyone in the world. Yes, there are recommendations from the government that must be followed to protect our vulnerable population and help the professionals in charge to contain the damage from this pandemic. I’m not telling you to be uninformed—I want you to follow the recommendations—but I also want you to choose to be the true leader you know yourself to be while you do that.Be a true leader by focussing on helping others

This means that while others are panicking, overreacting, and causing mayhem in the world, you must stay strong and be an example for others; this is what you do—you are a true leader.

Stay Physically and Emotionally Healthy

  1. Stick to your emotional wellness routines! Stay centered, calm, positive, and focused. Meditate, eat well, sleep lots, be positive. Fear weakens your immune system! Be intentional now more than ever.

Stay Informed but Not Inundated

  1. Stay informed but not inundated. Stop checking your phone every 30 seconds; check a credible government website a few times a day to make sure you’re following recommendations and accessing resources you need (if you need them).

Look for the Positive

  1. Remember that a lot of great things are still happening in the world, including a lot of business and investing. Because you are a true leader, people are LISTENING TO YOU and WATCHING YOU. Share the great things. Share the hope. Share the different and creative ways people are still serving others.

Remember Resilience

  1. Remember that we are an incredibly strong, powerful, creative, and intelligent population—we will get through this. I guarantee that you have been through something more difficult than this in the past. Take some time to reflect on all of the challenges you have overcome. You know that we as a people are incredibly resilient, we are neighbours, we are strong, we are creative, and we are in this together. We will not only get through this but we will be better because of this, I promise you.

Look for the Lessons

  1. Remember that while it may be difficult or frustrating, we will LEARN so much from this and be better in the future. Many of us (including me) are guilty of putting off risk-mitigation planning, and now it is very obvious to us why we should have done it. If you’re having challenges with figuring out how to have staff work remotely, be compensated for sick time, or cash flow during times of low sales, we need to make sure we have plans for future contingencies.

Look For Ways To Serve

  1. Look for ways to serve in different and even greater ways. I am definitely not telling you to go and resell toilet paper or hand wipes on Amazon at 1,000,000% of what you paid for them, but I AM telling you to look for different ways to serve your customers, and maybe other people too. Every single time there is a problem, there is a much greater opportunity to serve. Look for it. Be creative. Be relentless in searching for what we CAN do.

Health systems expert Alanna Shaikh gives us an excellent look at the reality of the COVID-19 outbreak here:

Finally, here is a clearinghouse of business resources for dealing with COVID-19 from the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB).


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